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Lisbon City Council is one of the 10 largest public purchasers in Portugal. The relevance of public procurement in the municipal activity led to the development of an internal portal - the Collaborative Purchasing Portal - to bring together all those who work in this area. With this Portal, the Lisbon City Council intends to foster an environment of trust, knowledge and sharing, and to strengthen the mission of its workers and the ties that unite them in a digital environment.
The project is aimed to prevent the loss of the rights of refugee children in Türkiye due to language and translation difficulties in judicial processes. Children involved in judicial processes, translators, judges-prosecutors and other auxiliary judicial staff have benefited very much from the project. For the first time, the capacity of translators has been strengthened and the secondary trauma risks of children have been mimized.
QualiChain project is guided by the vision to transform and revolutionise the domain of public and education as well as its interfaces with the labour market, policy making, public sector administrative procedures and the wider socio-economic developments, taking advantage of blockchain and other technologies. The ASEP pilot focused on optimising internal evaluation procedures pertinent to the selection and recruitment of public sector personnel with respect to the candidates’ qualifications.
The portal is a platform for employers who do business in agriculture, forestry, and fisheries sectors to electronically register their seasonal workers. It is directly linked to the services of the Tax Administration which enables automated generation of tax calculations which are then electronically forwarded to the employer. Seasonal workers can be registered through a mobile phone application which represents the first-ever mobile phone application of any Serbian Government Agency.
e-insan is an integrated platform, offering a wide range of services based on equal opportunity and accessibility for employment and lifelong professional development. In addition, it supports data-driven decision-making processes. The platform provides job and internship opportunities, online training for employees, and many contents of career development for youth and creates a talent pool with verified data. Blockchain-supported e-insan increases efficiency and transparency in HR management.
Officina is a lab for innovation in the public sector whose main objective is to catalyse the energy of young talents by offering them a transformative training programme. Officina was developed to address a triple urgency: future decision makers not perceiving the public sector as an attractive workplace; the public sector having high average age workforce and lack of innovative approaches; society at large needing a more modern and appealing public sector in this key historical moment.
The Government of Armenia has launched “iGorts” - an unprecedented program that invites Diaspora Armenian professionals to work in Armenia's state institutions. Within the framework of the program, Diaspora Armenian professionals are placed in state agencies in need of their expertise and have the opportunity to lend their experience and knowledge toward improving and developing the state institution and its policies and programs.
"Why did I fail? How should I develop my career?" To address such concerns, we developed the Digital Mentor Service of National Qualification. It leverages massive data on national qualification tests to identify each individual's weaknesses and why they fail. It also provides personalized information by matching examination history with jobs and training offered by government agencies. Supporting test takers from skills assessment and development to job placement.
BORA (acronym for "Online Relationship Database for Evaluators", in Brazilian Portuguese) is an innovative online application developed by ENAP that connects research professionals and policy managers around the country. The app makes it possible to link the needs of Brazilian public administration for high-quality policy analysis and the research of well-targeted projects by specialists based on a quick, transparent and free solution.
LAB Justice is the first executive education program, tailor-made for the Justice sector. With a customized learning journey, it was designed to help people working for Justice bodies address the challenges faced to deliver more efficient and people-centred services. Focused on three main areas – strategic management, digital transition and leadership in a context of change –, it aims to ensure the necessary skills to implement reform measures, namely those under the Recovery and Resilience…