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The DYPA Career Days, organized by the Public Employment Service (DYPA) in Greece, fosters direct engagement between the business sector and jobseekers. This marks a significant departure for DYPA as these events are now systematically conducted, spanning the entire country. A key strength of DYPA’s Career Days lies in their comprehensive promotion of employment opportunities and the strategic engagement of interested individuals through a process characterized by simultaneous, adaptable, and…
MauPass has been developed for citizens and businesses to transact easily and securely with Government online. It is a single window of authentication service to provide a layered approach towards e-Authentication implementation for all government and other e-services. This initiative follows an urgent need for better identity and access management for a trusted ecosystem.
Brazil’s website offers almost 5.000 public services and has more than 200 million monthly page views on average. With so many service options, it’s paramount to make them easily available. Under that mindset, the Ministry of Economy developed two important improvements to its usability: the first is the use of AI to recommend services based on the citizen's browsing history. The second was creating User profiles as a way of finding services based on the citizens’ journeys.
The City of Ilion has developed a mini forest park within its urban complex. The goal of this pocket park, measuring 600 square meters, was to become, within a short period of time, a dynamic ecosystem that provides critical benefits to people and to urban wildlife. Its primary goal was to be an open nature-based school for the children of the Municipal Kindergarten – which is located next to the mini forest, as well as their caregivers and the neighbourhood inhabitants.
The language in the Brazilian public sector carries a history of being complex, full of acronyms, technical terms, etc. This, at times, means that the population is unable to understand the language used by the government. The Simple Language Programme is the first Brazilian public policy aimed at simplifying the language of government, enabling public servers to communicate more simply and supporting the simplification of documents.
The Government of Ekiti State is working with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Governance Lab (MIT/GOVLAB) and has developed a community-based reporting system called “E-Surv”. E-Surv enables the participation of community members in public health surveillance by reporting public health events/emergencies, to activate a time-efficient government-led responses. This E-Surv which has been piloted in the State will create an early warning system for disease surveillance and laboratory…
In order to promote open government in Bogotá, strengthen trust, facilitate advocacy and digital democracy, improve the experience of procedures and services and the relationship between citizens and the District Administration, Chatico, Bogotá's virtual agent, was born. Chatico is a tool available on the Web and Whatsapp that enables citizen participation and identifies, unifies, centralises and rationalises procedures, services and information of interest to citizens.
The Guide for Heads of Single-Parent Families aims to train and empower this group in the exercise of the right of access to public information, by bringing them a tool that facilitates the solution of some of their daily problems. The right of access to public information (hereinafter DAIP) is essential in its instrumental role for the full and comprehensive exercise of other fundamental rights like health, work, housing, education, sexual and reproductive rights, and the right to have and form…
HighEd is a platform that enables young people who want to study abroad to make their plans for applying on the basis of safe and reliable information.  Today, the number of young people from the Republic of Uzbekistan going to foreign countries to study is increasing. As young people go abroad, the number of consulting agencies that offer education orientation is increasing, but the services they offer can be inaccessible to many Uzbekistanis and some agencies operate illegitimately.…
The innovation is a platform where all government sectors and private sectors can acquire the UAEPASS (Federal Digital Identity) log-in Application Programming Interface (API) and other services from a single platform. Similarly, in this platform the end-user can install the API without interference with the UAEPASS Operation team.