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Better Insights into Collective Climate Actions: The currently fragmented, insufficient and incompatible sources building the climate data framework remain a critical threat to a successful outcome of the 2023 Global Stocktake for the Paris Agreement. While we observe an increasing amount of participation, effective ways of connecting, visualizing and analysing actors patterns & impact, within the overall climate initiatives, remain limited.
Online platform “I protect you” enables a centralised approach to combating violence. It encompasses work of 7 ministries in one national online platform and improves access to information, training, as well as prevention and intervention tools. By integrating all aspects of prevention and tools for combating violence, it raises the capacity of children, teachers, parents through specifically designed free online training, as well as institutions to recognize and quickly address violence.
The Valenzuela City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) participated in the 13-week accelerator programme. The The accelerator is a 13-week innovation programme. The programme took the staff from CSWDO who needed to support individuals in crisis situations. They addressed the problems and applied innovation methodologies to create solutions that work. The programme targeted root-cause problems, facilitated collaboration, and upskilled participants – driving better outcomes.
IQed (Inquiries/Questions in education) utilizes cutting-edge Democratic Technology in classrooms for the purpose of empowering students and educators in Digital Literacy, Civic Literacy, Dynamic Engagement, Critical Thinking/Problem-Solving Skills and Global Competency Education. IQed enables every student to use their personal devices to explore, investigate and become informed on issues of governance and global matters, so that their voice can positively impact local and global communities.
Together with partners from 5 other European countries, the Province of Fryslân developed an innovation model (so-called Tipping Approach) to catalyse and stimulate bottom-up innovations and harness ideas from local stakeholders. Complementing this, a governance model is being developed to provide civil servants with tools to implement these innovations in the social process in a simple and user-friendly way.
Plastics used in ships are occasionally dumped at ocean, or even if they are collected at ports, all of them are incinerated. YGPA crack down on plastic dumping at ocean and collect waste plastics from ships. And the plastics are processed into recycled polyester yarn. Since this yarn is made of ocean bound plastic, apparel makers rush to buy the yarn and make clothes with it. Through this project, we protect the environment and create added values and jobs in the process of recycling plastics.
The Happiness Curriculum (HC) is the first systemic step towards holistic development of all learners under the formal education set up. Launched in 2018 by his holiness Dalai Lama, this is the first time in the world, that there is a curriculum that focusses on inculcating mindfulness and social emotional learning as a practice every day at such a big scale. It is being implemented with more than 800,000 students from kindergarten through Grade 8 across more than 1000 Delhi government schools.
It is easier to be said than done, but we have taken the first step and committed to inter-ministerial cooperation to support inclusion in sport. Together with the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities and the Slovenian Judo Federation, as the first in a series of sports organisations, we have signed an agreement to support vulnerable groups to integrate into mainstream sport environments.
Farishte Dilli Ke (Hindi for Saviours of Delhi) uses innovative fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to encourage citizens to become Good Samaritans by helping victims of road traffic accidents, thermal burns and acid attacks without the fear of legal hassle or police enquiry. Under this scheme, the victims receive cashless treatment at any registered public or private nursing home or hospital across Delhi benefitting more than 18,919 people in the last 5 years.
Seocho-gu is the first district in Korea to offer a service like the “Seocho BookPayback Service” (hereafter, “BookPayback”), which reduces the waiting time for popular library books. A full refund is provided for a book purchased from a local bookstore that is returned (to the bookstore) within three weeks, after which the book is sent to a library in Seocho-gu. It is an innovative library service that allows residents to use library resources whenever needed, regardless of time or…