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The techDetector is the first technology radar giving an overview of emerging technologies that have the potential to influence the area of sustainable development in the future. It lists future technologies from all sectors of sustainable development and assesses their potential impact on sustainability and gender equality. The techDetector helps inform, sensitize and support foresight processes, enabling better decision-making by providing sound information on technological developments.
The portal is a platform for employers who do business in agriculture, forestry, and fisheries sectors to electronically register their seasonal workers. It is directly linked to the services of the Tax Administration which enables automated generation of tax calculations which are then electronically forwarded to the employer. Seasonal workers can be registered through a mobile phone application which represents the first-ever mobile phone application of any Serbian Government Agency.
Tertius has resulted in massive productivity gains for the building industry in DC, enabling developers & property owners to book (at a nominal cost) certified third party agency inspections. Outcome: Far more efficient matching of demand & supply for permit inspections, substantially reducing turnaround times. Tertius has driven revenue to the taxpayers, increased regulatory oversight, increased safety in the building community, saving property owners and developers thousands of dollars.
GovTech Edu works with the Indonesia MoECRT to build a technology ecosystem to create an irreversible transformation for Indonesia’s education system. It includes tech platforms made available for teachers, school principals, university students & practitioners, through products like Teacher SuperApp, Education Scorecard & University Internship Matchmaking Platform. With these, the transformation to improve student learning outcomes becomes more inclusive, data driven & impact-enabling at…
e-insan is an integrated platform, offering a wide range of services based on equal opportunity and accessibility for employment and lifelong professional development. In addition, it supports data-driven decision-making processes. The platform provides job and internship opportunities, online training for employees, and many contents of career development for youth and creates a talent pool with verified data. Blockchain-supported e-insan increases efficiency and transparency in HR management.
Mapo-gu created a “SOS One-Stop System” for safe bicycle path. Since there are few buildings or facilities on the bicycle path, it is difficult for users to determine their current location. The basic number plate which is installed on the bicycle path shows the path name and location number and also includes a QR image associated with the system. Through the system, people can quickly call for help in the event of an accident.
The Transparency+ Portal is a digital platform of the Portuguese state, where citizens can access easy-to-read and updated information on public spending in an accessible way, combining data science and storytelling. Launched in 2021, the platform is now a reference resource for monitoring European funds, State and local budgets, and public contracts. In a world often perceived through lens of mis/disinformation, Transparency+ is building trust by nurturing civic engagement and open government.
The Environment Agency has a responsibility to protect communities from flood and coastal risks. In the past, the agency has struggled to scale their public engagement and reach their diverse audiences, while also retaining a local relevance. Hello Lamp Post was brought on to provide an interactive, live 24/7 conversational channel to educate and inform the public on flood safety, in high-risk locations around the South West of England and Newcastle.
BORA (acronym for "Online Relationship Database for Evaluators", in Brazilian Portuguese) is an innovative online application developed by ENAP that connects research professionals and policy managers around the country. The app makes it possible to link the needs of Brazilian public administration for high-quality policy analysis and the research of well-targeted projects by specialists based on a quick, transparent and free solution.