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MauPass has been developed for citizens and businesses to transact easily and securely with Government online. It is a single window of authentication service to provide a layered approach towards e-Authentication implementation for all government and other e-services. This initiative follows an urgent need for better identity and access management for a trusted ecosystem.
Aware of the ongoing digital transformation and user needs, HRDKorea (Human Resources Development Service of Korea)partnered with the private sector to leverage industry-leading technology for the creation of the Mobile National Technical Qualification Service. The certificate layout was fully reconfigured to fit the smartphone environment and used blockchain technology to develop a service that now allows users to immediately access their certificates on their mobile phones. The previous model…
DYPA, the Hellenic Public Employment Service (former OAED) has developed myDYPAapp, a mobile application that provides citizens with access to DYPA’s online services from their mobile phones. It was launched in February 2021, as an adaptation of DYPA’s services to new needs and modern technology that require the digitization of services, interaction and immediacy in serving citizens’ needs. myDYPAapp is innovative as it includes a wide range of user interaction possibilities with DYPA.
As part of a comprehensive strategy for the Digital Transformation of Health services in Greece, IDIKA which is a supervised body of the Ministry of Digital Governance, developed the myHealth mobile application. Via myHealth mobile app, citizens have access to their health data. MyHealth app introduces a set of modern health services to Greek citizens, reduces bureaucracy, ensures transparency, and lays the foundations for the development of new health and social security digital services.
ESİM is an application developed for persons with hearing impairment to benefit from health services without communication barriers. Citizens can create records for emergency situations and request hospital appointments free of charge on Esim mobile applications from their smart devices. In addition, disabled citizens can receive instant support from expert medical personnel who know sign language by video call.
MediCapt app is an innovative digital application that enables clinicians to document forensic medical evidence in sexual violence cases, capture forensic photographs of injuries sustained, and store them securely. For survivors of sexual violence, timely and high-quality forensic examination, evidence collection, and documentation is a vital part of comprehensive care and access to justice. However, in many countries, including Kenya, the quality of medico-legal documentation is severely…
Citizens travelling on federal highways do not have fast and reliable internet access in the vicinity of the operational and administrative units of the Federal Highway Police. In many regions of Brazil, the 3G/4G internet signal is practically null, and the units of the Federal Highway Police are, in some cases, the only point with access to the world wide web. Through this project, the Government expanded free internet access for citizens in these areas by authentication via the…
Being a densely populated country with inadequate healthcare infrastructure, providing treatment to COVID patients and keeping them in the hospital while maintaining social distance to prevent rapid community level transmission proved to be a difficult task. Therefore, COVID-19 Telehealth Center was established to ensure healthcare for COVID positive patients from their home, just a call away.
With a view to achieving the vision for a paperless environment, the MoKloud platform provides storage space for every citizen for the safekeeping of personal official documents in a digitally secured format bearing a QR code and digital signature, as may be required. Currently, MoKloud hosts birth and marriage certificate extracts, digital vaccination passes, certificates of electricity supply and e-payslips. MoKloud documents are shared by an API or scanned for verification.