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BUPi, is a one-stop shop, developed to integrate different sources of information about property ownership and land management, gathering knowledge on the, until now, unknown land areas and sharing this knowledge with several government agencies in order to create economic and social value for citizens and for the country. BUPi ensures a simple and digital solution that citizens can use to identify and geo-reference their properties, according to the once-only principle.
Marea Digital allows citizens to report local problems to the government, as well as local initiatives that are working for the communities’ well-being. Contrary to similar kind of initiatives, it’s innovative because it uses tech to allow the citizens to aggregate data about their communities’ problems, but also includes an offline strategy for the local government to design solutions with the citizens to solve the problems reported, fostering dialogue and collaboration to solve…
The Madinati platform aims to address the problem of random disposal of waste, as well as the adoption of improper practices in waste management, such as mixing waste, and its negative environmental and health effects on society. The Madinati platform helps entities to introduce accountabilities on the municipal waste generators in all sectors against the waste they produce. It helps in building a comprehensive knowledge-base with much higher accuracy to support strategical decision making.
Madrid Móvil is Madrid City Council's commitment to bringing citizens closer to and facilitating their use of and access to municipal services and interaction with the Administration through an app. Madrid Móvil is a one-stop shop through which citizens can carry out all their administrative procedures, request services in sports centres, workshops and cultural activities, as well as communicate warnings and incidents related to city services. The application has achieved 1 million warnings…
Emilia-Romagna’s Digital Agenda led a significant innovation process for public administration decision-making. The process resulted in a co-design phase with local administrations to structure and publish online the first geo-referenced regional Observatory on ultra-broadband connectivity in Italy. Multi-stakeholder participation made it possible to identify and highlight the various strengths and weaknesses of the tool, enabling its optimisation.
Explore.Porto challenges citizens and visitors to discover and explore the city. The service is provided through a digital platform, anchored in beacons placed in strategic points in Porto. Anyone equipped with a smartphone can instantly obtain information about where they are and their surroundings, as well as the best way to get around. This user-centered innovation has proven its impact on the adoption of local services by both citizens and visitors.
Socioeconomic relations of all levels of settlements are examined with big data at the scale of the smallest settlements to the metropolitans (81 provinces, 973 districts and 37.036 rural units) in Türkiye. The attributes, needs and comparative advantages of each of the settlements analyzed in YER-SIS with an innovative methodology will enable evidence-based national and regional development policies. Public and private sectors, universities, and NGOs are primarily users benefiting from…
IQed (Inquiries/Questions in education) utilizes cutting-edge Democratic Technology in classrooms for the purpose of empowering students and educators in Digital Literacy, Civic Literacy, Dynamic Engagement, Critical Thinking/Problem-Solving Skills and Global Competency Education. IQed enables every student to use their personal devices to explore, investigate and become informed on issues of governance and global matters, so that their voice can positively impact local and global communities.