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"Plaza Mayor" is an innovative multi-channel citizen participation project used by the public administration to collect citizens' proposals. Both face-to-face and digital media were used simultaneously to give a voice to the entire Asturian population. The data analysis methodology used allows for an immediate implementation of the results obtained, as well as the reuse of the information in the future.
The TAP portal is a unique e-government system at the European Union level, which ensures the development of digital government legislation, moving from documents to structured data. The TAP portal ensures the proceedings of the meetings of the Cabinet of Ministers and allows every citizen of Latvia to follow the progress of the Government's decision-making and express an opinion on the regulatory acts being developed by the Government.
The AJSC has developed a new model to measure the determinants of the ‘quality of life’ in Ajman, covering six key areas of public service. The Model comprises a comprehensive factor measurement framework embedded on a sophisticated web-based application, with inbuilt protocols for scientific data collection, project management, data visualization and reporting. It systematically measures gaps and impact of interventions, via targeted performance assessment of framework factors.
A proof of concept has been created to incorporate design techniques in many elements of a PoD's life cycle, planning for future demands and overcoming existing hurdles. The proposed strategy prioritizes the needs of persons with disabilities and helps them acquire the resources and services they need. It also helps families gain confidence in caring for a disabled kid. This helps POD engage, lead, create, and sustain life.
The innovation is a new and comprehensive awareness program to apprise the public of the existing policy and legal framework in which they operate in Lebanon, through the mapping of existing laws and decrees, by topics and sectors. The aim is to understand the existing framework as a first step in working toward a just one. This empowers public officials and citizens with the right information to establish rule of law and accountability and to flag out gaps, inconsistencies and required reforms.
"Why did I fail? How should I develop my career?" To address such concerns, we developed the Digital Mentor Service of National Qualification. It leverages massive data on national qualification tests to identify each individual's weaknesses and why they fail. It also provides personalized information by matching examination history with jobs and training offered by government agencies. Supporting test takers from skills assessment and development to job placement.
By involving the public in the design of public spaces (parks, plazas, streets etc.) municipalities can create spaces that better suit society's interests. According to the data, 58 out of 60 municipalities in Lithuania recognize the benefits of public participation, but 50 % of them say they don't have the knowledge for it. The guide "Dialogue between the city & its people" is a step-by-step textbook for municipalities that helps execute the participation process from start to finish.
The PropTech Engagement Fund was launched in 2021 and has worked with 41 Local Authorities to date on accelerating the adoption of digital citizen engagement tools and transforming community involvement in placemaking. Our ongoing programme is the largest UK Government PropTech Programme, leading on how to work with industry, tech start ups and local governments to increase the diversity and positivity of placemaking conversations and to fast track new digital policy and local housing delivery.
In an increasingly digital world, represents our vision for civic participation in political decision-making processes. is the Portuguese Public Administration's centralized, cross-cutting platform for facilitating participatory processes at all levels of government. It employs cutting-edge technology to ensure that citizens can actively participate in policy decision-making via secure and transparent mechanisms that foster trust.
Small and medium-sized companies often cannot afford investments in Artificial Intelligence technologies. Through AI Friends project, AI became more accessible, affordable, and familiar for entrepreneurs and citizens. AI festival, training, co-working spaces, and pilot solution consulting is operated through the cooperation of universities, research institutes, industries, government, and citizens over the last four years.