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The $800B events industry is antiquated. Huge gaps exist between cities and events. EQ is a mobile platform that streamlines traffic, navigation, crowd control, and security in real time around crowded environments while collecting critical data and analytics. Vasta will soon unveil this next-generation suite of event and venue planning services and digital simulation platform. The EQ Platform was made for cities of any size; public safety; citizens/visitors; fans/non-fans; and for organizers.
The Mobile Networks Data for Official Statistics project seeks to provide an end-to-end generic production framework for using data generated by mobile networks, which can be adapted to the different statistical needs and statistical domains through a modular approach. It produces a robust, mathematically sound solution to improving timeliness and relevance of official statistical products in order to meet a concrete need of statistical data users.
Using AI algorithms and photographic images from school buildings in Nepal and Kyrgyzstan, two international public universities collaborated with a team from the World Bank to develop a technical solution to the long-standing problem of identifying the most vulnerable school building infrastructures in hard-to-reach areas of developing countries. With this solution, an estimated 875 million children and teachers at risk of being injured can be better protected from natural disaster harms.
The Internet's potential to enable micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to conduct international commercial transactions has yet to be fully realised. With an emphasis on computational approaches to trade policy design and delivery, SUBREI has launched a pilot programme to contribute to an open repository of rules in a digital form: an 'Internet of Rules' (IoR). The IoR will expand access to cross-border transactions and improve use by people and machines alike.
The Governments of Estonia and Finland are exchanging data across borders in an X-Road Trust Federation. The countries had already developed and implemented their own national data exchange layers based on the X-Road technology. The two instances now communicate with each other in the first international interoperability ecosystem of its kind, facilitating the real-time availability of information on population and businesses in the face of increasing trans-border economic activity.
Finland is the first country in the world to allow its citizens to manage digital mandates and act on behalf of another person or organization in digital and physical services. Mandates are provided with, which is free to use for public, private and third sector service providers and end-users in Finland. The service is built and shared as an open-source and can be utilized by other countries and organisations to provide similar e-Authorization-solutions.
"Defensores" is a platform designed to provide public defenders with a tool to register allegations of torture. This project was carried out in partnership with two key actors in the subject: The Ministry of Public Defense (MDP) and the National Mechanism for Prevention against Torture (MNP). Its implementation facilitates the effective and permanent monitoring of torture by public defenders and generates qualified information for different institutions and society in general. It's the first…
We created the BizLab, Human Centred Design (HCD) Training Academy to develop skills public servants will need for the future and create a citizen-centred culture in the Australian Public Service. This is not just another training course. We not only train participants in HCD tools and techniques, but we make that learning stick with our unique Alumni support system
Digital Lithuania Academy is an online learning platform that aims to guide the country’s public sector through the digital transformation. It seeks to immerse public servants in digital practices relevant to their work, and upgrade their professional profiles through a highly personalized learning pathway. By becoming increasingly tech-savvy, public servants have the chance to vastly increase their efficiency, find innovative ways of working, and deliver better public services to citizens.
Parents Gateway is a one-stop, centrally coordinated app streamlining engagement between parents and schools, capable of direct mass communication of time-sensitive messages of high level of importance to all parents nationwide. With curriculum time saved, teachers previously burdened with onerous administrative work are free to focus on core teaching and to better meet students’ needs. Parents stressed by disparate admin processes for children in different schools can now manage all in one…