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First platform in the industry which support standalone and integrated workflow solution for any inspection,which leads to increased efficiency,security,and accuracy of inspection operations through virtual-inspection capability that enables the inspection teams to work remotely and reduce the need for field visits and addresses some pain points which includes inconsistency in quality,time consumption and resource management.stakeholders include Inspectors, Schedulers ,System admin,inspected org
Together with partners from 5 other European countries, the Province of Fryslân developed an innovation model (so-called Tipping Approach) to catalyse and stimulate bottom-up innovations and harness ideas from local stakeholders. Complementing this, a governance model is being developed to provide civil servants with tools to implement these innovations in the social process in a simple and user-friendly way.
Nova Scotia has 21 Community Transportation Operators serving mainly vulnerable populations in rural areas. The CTOs were unable to feasibly procure a common dispatch and scheduling solution that met their needs, leaving them with inefficiencies and inability to meet growing needs. The Outpost for Public Sector Innovation designed a new approach to co-designing and procuring solutions to complex challenges. Together with stakeholders, partners and vendors, two viable solutions were developed.
The Evaluation Task Force (ETF) ensures evidence and evaluation sits at the heart of UK government spending decisions - any area routinely highlighted for improvement. ETF activity drives continuous improvements in the way programmes are evaluated to inform decisions on whether they should be continued, expanded, modified or stopped. It brings the same approach to the social sciences as medicine uses, fostering a culture of experimentation, learning and rigour.
Discovery as a Service (DaaS) enables successful delivery of UK Policing Technology through standardised and outcome based discoveries to provide evidence and overcome inconsistency in project initiation. By employing user centric thinking, agile delivery, innovation, and multi-disciplinary teams, DaaS ensures new national technology initiatives provide beneficial capabilities to UK Law Enforcement so they safeguard the UK public. This service is the first of its kind in the Home Office.
MiLAB - Govtech and Public Impact Laboratory, aims to contribute on the digital transformation acceleration of the public sector, by connecting it, through collaboration and open innovation strategies, with start-ups and SMEs that uses emergent technologies and innovative methodologies. MiLAB successfully specialized its activity within the public impact ecosystem, attending the high demand and global tendency of rely on digital innovator among the Government.
Officina is a lab for innovation in the public sector whose main objective is to catalyse the energy of young talents by offering them a transformative training programme. Officina was developed to address a triple urgency: future decision makers not perceiving the public sector as an attractive workplace; the public sector having high average age workforce and lack of innovative approaches; society at large needing a more modern and appealing public sector in this key historical moment.
MedeINN arose from the need to innovate in the government sector, in a city that had been developing its innovation capabilities in all other sectors. For this reason, and under Innovative State premise, we seek to connect the Mayor's Office of Medellín´s challenges with entrepreneurs and researchers capacities. This has been achieved after a redesign of a Public Procurement for Innovation methodology, which enables Open Innovation in the government sector.
UK Government is investing in innovative public policy design expertise. Public policy design has been gathering momentum over the past 10 years. But 2022 was a landmark year for public policy design. For the first time, the UK’s government is sponsoring major networks that champion design as key for making policy and services that drive outstanding public value.