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Pandemic Fighting System Software (Hayat Eve Sığar (HES) Application, HES Code)

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Within the scope of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, in order to prevent the spread of the virus and minimize the contagion effect the Hayat Eve Sığar mobile application was developed by the General Directorate of Health Information Systems of the Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Health.

Innovation Summary

Innovation Overview

The Hayat Eve Sığar (HES) application, during the Covid-19 pandemic, controlled and followed processes through health information systems, such as HES Code transactions, Safe Area, Vaccine Information, Rule Violation Notification, Regional Density and Risk Status Tracking on the map. It also allowed for Contact Status Tracking to be done.

In order to enable citizens to travel, the HES Code system has been included in the Hayat Eve Sığar mobile application. Thanks to the HES Code, citizens can share their risk situations and manage their sharing without declaring their identity information. The HES Code has started to be used in many areas within the scope of controlled social life and the risk status of people in terms of Covid-19 was questioned through the HES Code. With the use of this application, the need for public institutions and workplaces to query the HES code information they have received from individuals through their own automation systems has emerged and in line with this need, the necessary service integration has been made between the HES Code application of our Ministry and the e-Government System. The service was offered in the form of cross-premises (Government to Government (G2G)) access.

Additionally, within the Hayat Eve Sığar mobile application, there are menus such as My HES Codes, Query HES Code, Giving Notice, My COVID-19 Vaccination Information, Safe Area, Calculate Corona Risk, Survey, Request a Mask, Density, My Relatives, My Account, Contact Status and Mandatory Isolation Information, Left Menu, and the Entry Form to Turkey in order to control the entire pandemic related data process through a single application.

Innovation Description

What Makes Your Project Innovative?

HES (Hayat Eve Sığar) Code, within the scope of Controlled Social Life, is a code that allows you to securely share whether you have any risk in terms of Covid-19 disease with institutions and individuals in transactions such as transportation or visits. Also, the app has been effective and developed technological opportunities in a fast way.

What is the current status of your innovation?

At the point where the pandemic has come, the HES Code Application has been removed from use on 04.03.2022 in line with the measures taken with the decrease in the impact of the health crisis. The Hayat Eve Sığar mobile application is live on Android, iOS and Huawei markets and is actively used by citizens. Currently, the application continues to use features such as Viewing Covid-19 Vaccine Information and Creating a Vaccination Card, EU Compatible Health Passport, Giving a Notice, Safe Area, Calculation of Corona Risk, Viewing Risk Density.

Innovation Development

Collaborations & Partnerships

All public institutions, organizations and private companies can view Covid-19 risk status, vaccine, immunity and test status information through the services provided by the Ministry of Health and the HES Code query of citizens. There was cooperation with SKRS for ID system for vaccine types, E-Nabız for vaccine card information, MİZ for address information, HSYS for obtaining updated health information, and MERNIS for verification identity info.

Users, Stakeholders & Beneficiaries

HES Application has been directly used by citizens of the Republic of Turkey, foreign individuals living in Turkey and foreigners who come to Turkey for various reasons. Although the project is carried out within the Ministry of Health, it has been carried out jointly with many other institutions to ensure that isolated or quarantined individuals aren't allowed entry to public places.

Innovation Reflections

Results, Outcomes & Impacts

The Hayat Eve Sığar application, which enables our citizens to securely share whether they are infected or in contact with COVID-19, with other individuals and institutions, has been put into operation. Hayat Eve Sığar (HES) application, which is one of the world's largest digital projects in this field, has been downloaded over 125 million times and nearly 222 million HES CODEs have been received. Nearly 16 billion HES CODE queries were made. Thanks to the HES CODE inquiry, 2.5 million risk warnings were received in intercity air travel and 6.8 million in urban transportation.

Until September 2022:

  • Number of users who downloaded the application: 125.914.124
  • Total number of HEPP codes: 222,366.303
  • Number of people who bought HES code: 98.056.586
  • Number of HES codes inquired: 15.043.670.644
  • Number of safe area QR codes: 89,217
  • Number of safe area active QR codes: 80.399
  • Number of users applying QR code: 78,091.

Challenges and Failures

With the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus around the world, social life has been deeply affected. In order to manage the risk posed by the Covid-19 outbreak in terms of public health and public order, to ensure social isolation, to maintain physical distance and to keep the spread of the disease under control, difficulties were encountered in the stages of taking decisions in a limited time and moving to the implementation stage, bringing together stakeholders and experts in the field, providing 24/7 service by following the system.

Conditions for Success

All data such as foreign entries to Turkey, isolation details, laboratory test results, reports of video examinations, health histories of patients, contact information, treatment information, follow-up information, vaccination information are managed through the applications in the central systems of the Ministry of Health and this has been beneficial in terms of time and cost in developing new applications. With the HES Code, the risk status of the people is question and the use of public transportation, travel, visit, shopping mall, etc. are prevented from entering social areas and leaving the isolation zones. In this way, the spread of the virus is largely prevented.


The Hayat Eve Sığar Application has been developed to effectively manage the COVID-19 pandemic. The necessary infrastructure works have been completed in order to quickly produce solutions to the problems that may arise against the increase in epidemic diseases in the future and the Hayat Eve Sığar Application sets an example for other epidemic diseases. In case of any epidemic disease that may occur again in the future, the infrastructure will be ready and faster and more effective work will be possible. In addition, sharing the success of the implementation with other stakeholders and relevant countries will contribute to their epidemic management.

Lessons Learned

It was a difficult process to implement such an application quickly while ensuring that all citizens can use it without any problems, at a time when the pandemic process very quickly limited social life. All new developments that took place during the pandemic process had to be immediately integrated into the application and made available to the public to regulate social life. We worked very quickly to implement all the decisions taken in the fight against the pandemic in the fastest and smoothest way, and very fast action was taken.

Year: 2020
Level of Government: National/Federal government


  • Diffusing Lessons - using what was learnt to inform other projects and understanding how the innovation can be applied in other ways

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Date Published:

20 November 2023

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