Observatory of Open Urban Works (Observatorio de Obras Urbanas Abiertas)

An online and interactive platform that allows citizens to access information on more than 1000 public projects of Buenos Aires City Government. Providing data visualizations and geo-referenced maps, the Observatory facilitates citizen control. The initiative seeks to increase transparency in public management based on real-time monitoring with up-to-date and structured data.

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Observatorio de Obras Urbanas Abiertas aims to foster transparency in public works management and facilitate citizen engagement in the design, control, and evaluation of the projects. The project is part of Mayor Larreta‘s 50 Government Commitments. The commitments are specific and measurable actions that express government performance and enables diverse accountability mechanisms.

Thus, under its open government policy, the Buenos Aires City Government set specific standards, for the different agencies, on how to collect and published data on the different public work projects that are being carried out in the city's neighborhoods. Then, this information was published in an open data format, and the Government launched an online interactive platform to engage neighbors and allow them to monitor how each of the projects advances.

The Observatory allows the 3 million neighbors of the City of Buenos Aires (as well as the general public) to:

● See renders and photos of each of the works.

● Download the dataset in open data format.

● Follow the progress of the works, with information on the beginning and ending, as well as the updated status of each project.

● Learn details about the works such as name, type, description, urban justification, address, budget, etc.

● Pinpoint the government agency responsible for the works and contact information.

● Access information on building companies, contractors, employed workers, and biddings.

● Visualize great amounts of information in a quick and easy way, using different criteria

● Explore public works filtering data by the commune, government agency, type of work, geolocation, investment, stage of accomplishment.

● Contact the city government asking for further information, leave a suggestion or complain.

The Observatorio de Obras Abiertas Urbanas consist of four (4) main stages:

1. Data Standardization

2. Making data available in an open format

3. Platform: design and launching

4. Participatory feedback and collaborative design of new indicators

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Year: 2017
Level of government: Local government


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