Parlamento2030 – Tracking SDG activity in national parliaments

In response to the generalized lack of political accountability and availability of public information, this online tool provides an open and qualified access to the Spanish Parliament’s activity, related to the implementation of the Agenda 2030.It promotes a transparent and participative implementation of this agenda and allows CSOs, policy makers and the media to monitor political proposals.The Spanish Government has included Parlamento2030 as one of the tools of its 2030 Agenda National Plan.

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The cross-cutting nature of the 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the transversality of its targets represents a challenge for the implementation, evaluation and monitoring of the public policies put in place and hampers the efforts to track and gather information on SDG-related political activity proposed or approved so far. This situation adds to the pre-existing problematic availability of open access to relevant public information, which contributes to the disaffection and detachment of citizens from the basic functioning of decision-making processes related to the SDGs at local, national and international levels.

In order to help overcome these obstacles, CIECODE (a Spanish-based, civil society, development think-and-do tank) has developed Parlamento 2030, which is an innovative online tool created to track, compile and provide (in a free, open, clear, reliable and easily understandable manner) all the information about the activity of national parliaments related with the 2030 Agenda.

Parlamento 2030 gathers all the information published by national parliaments into a database and, through an automatic process of massive tagging, classifies it according to the different linkages to specific SDGs and targets. It then offers this information freely and openly through an online browser for users to search, find and download. This combination of advanced computer science and the traditional knowledge provided by policy makers, CSOs and academia makes Parlamento 2030 one of the most advanced tools at the international level to access parliamentary activity information and for public monitoring.

The ultimate objective of Parlamento 2030 is to promote ambitious, properly designed and adequately financed public policies oriented to the implementation of the Agenda 2030. It seeks to achieve this by promoting the following three essential goals:
1. Active, informed and demanding citizenry as well as empowered and influential CSOs: by making key public information accessible, promotes active citizenship and boosts the capacities of civil society to engage in political decision-making processes.
2. Independent, capable and critical media: by providing the media with an effective and reliable source of information, it fosters an informed and quality public debate on the political response to major social and environmental challenges.
3. A political class that is responsible and subject to public control: by providing open access to reliable information about the governmental activity, it facilitates public scrutiny and generates a system of public incentives which promotes a more responsible and accountable political class.

Although Parlamento 2030 was initially conceived and developed as a tool from and for civil society, it has been recently embraced by the Spanish Government as one of the tools included in its 2030 Agenda National Implementation Plan. It will be part of the online platform created to promote the participation, transparency, awareness and mobilization of all relevant stakeholders around the implementation of the Agenda.

This institutionalization of the tool will dramatically increase the number and type of actors who will use and benefit from the it and its information. Civil servants, parliamentarians and policy makers will soon join the current users of the tool (mainly civil society organizations, journalists and researchers). The Spanish executive branch will use the tool to evaluate and monitor the implementation of the SDGs in new pieces of legislation and other policy proposals. MPs will find in Parlamento 2030 a tool to ensure the coherence with the SDGs of the thousands of laws, legislative initiatives, public plans and budgets that will be passed in the years to come.

Although Parlamento 2030 is currently only implemented in Spain, it can be easily expanded to other countries. The tool’s code is open and public and it has been built using open-sourced software, which will facilitate its replicability and adaptation to other national, subnational or supranational parliaments. The same technology and methodology can also be adapted to provide a qualified and open access to others sources of public or private information (from public budgets to academic papers or online-newspapers).

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