UNA – the first virtual assistant of public administration in Latvia

Within the framework of the pilot project, the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia by using the artificial intelligence technologies established the innovative tool for the client service sector – virtual assistant UNA, which provides answers in writing, in Latvian to the frequently asked questions of the clients for 24/7h on the website of the Register of Enterprises as well as on the Facebook Messenger application of the Register of Enterprises.

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Establishment of the virtual assistant UNA complies with the strategic target of the Register of Enterprises that the authority will provide a possibility for clients until 2020 to remotely and regularly (without support of mediators) to perform registration of legal subjects and legal facts, therefore the virtual assistant is a tool, currently already providing support to clients during the process of registration. The virtual assistant substitutes a visit in presence or call to the call centre and provides a possibility to receive answer to the question being of interest at any time of the day and night, besides the provided answers are established by using understandable and simple, but at the same time business-like communication style.
Establishment of the virtual assistant UNA in the Register of Enterprises is a pilot project, which is implemented during the period of seven months with five members of the core team. At the beginning of the project (in November 2017) the Register of Enterprises agreed to cooperate with the Latvian company Tilde, specialising in the use of the artificial intelligent technologies, to create a virtual assistant for the Register of Enterprises. The platform of virtual assistants, neuron networks and natural language technologies were used for creation of the virtual assistant, which helps to ensure that it is possible to freely communicate with the virtual assistant, like with the employee of the Register of Enterprises. The virtual assistant UNA is an assistant for change management processes of the institution, providing a possibility for employees to substitute the technical routine work, enabling them to focus on the work of higher added value.
The key clients of the Register of Enterprises are the current and future entrepreneurs and it is important that the virtual assistant is functional and works in the interests of clients. Currently the virtual assistant is trained to provide answers to the frequently asked questions of the clients. It is important to indicate that the virtual assistant of the Register of Enterprises UNA is regularly learning; colleagues of the Register of Enterprises are attracted for this work, who are teaching the virtual assistant on the preparation of new answers to questions and that means that the virtual assistant is intensively studying from communication with clients and constantly expands its areas of competence.

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Year: 2018
Level of government: National/Federal government


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