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This report discusses how steering innovation investment in public sector organisations through a portfolio approach can help governments respond to the multi-faceted challenges they face. Portfolio management is a well-known device in the financial sector, allowing for dynamic decision-making processes involving regular reviews of activity and ensuring a coherent distribution of resources among strategic options. The report illustrates how this approach can be applied by public sector…
This report contains a summary of the anticipatory innovation review of Finland and is accompanied by a report which includes comprehensive analysis, methodology, and a detailed description of the anticipatory Innovation governance model. This work has been supported by the Directorate General for Structural Reform Support (DG REFORM) of the European Commission under the grant REFORM/IM2020/04.

Innovation Playbook

The Innovation Playbook offers an accessible and actionable instrument to translate the Declaration on Public Sector Innovation into practical guidance on how its principles can be applied to solve public sector challenges.
Hands-on delivery and implementation represent the culmination of the different types of initiatives, structures and mechanisms uncovered in the work conducted by OPSI and the MBRCGI. Likewise, governments are putting in place cross-border enablers to allow for collective design and implementation of innovative policies and services, which can also support all of the topics covered in this series of reports.
Governments can use artificial intelligence (AI) to design better policies and make better and more targeted decisions, enhance communication and engagement with citizens, and improve the speed and quality of public services. The Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region is seeking to leverage the immense potential of AI to promote the digital transformation of the public sector. The OECD, in collaboration with CAF, Development Bank of Latin America, prepared this report to help national…
A summary report of the Government Beyond Recovery conference, which brought together over 2000 participants to reflect on the importance of innovation, co-creation, agile regulation and inclusion as the world emerges from a period of crisis and prepares for the complex challenges ahead.
The field of public sector innovation has long promoted building conduits for ground-up ideas and solutions. New practices can help government move beyond organisation-centric thinking to test ideas in ways that promote learning to manage risk. The success of these efforts within countries and jurisdictions has led governments to apply similar approaches in cross-border ways. This report is the second in a series of three, developed by the OECD-OPSI and the UAE’s Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for…