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Feedback needed: Try out our initial draft tool for innovation portfolio assessment

We are taking OPSI’s portfolio exploration and assessment support into the virtual realm. We are asking for 20-30 minutes of your time to share initial thoughts and feedback on our first draft of questions for exploring:  

  1. The way your organisation’s innovation portfolio is oriented 
  2. Your organisation’s overall portfolio management capability  

Following the set of questions, there is an example output based on hypothetical inputs. We also want to know what you expect an online tool to tell you about your innovation portfolio, so we are asking for your feedback on that as well.  

Test the questions and output here.  

What will the innovation portfolio assessment tool do? 

As part of OPSI’s European Commission Horizon 2020 work, we are developing this innovation portfolio exploration and assessment tool for individuals and organisations to explore and analyse their own innovation portfolios and their portfolio management capabilities. We envision that the portfolio assessment will have three modules: 

  • Module 1Any individual from an organisation can fill out a questionnaire about the organisation as a whole, including portfolio preferencing and portfolio management capabilities. 
  • Module 2Individuals with visibility into their organisation’s innovation projects will be able to visualise an innovation portfolio based on their assessment of these projects. 
  • Module 3An organisation-wide analysis that public sector organisations together with the analysis from OPSI can use to assess and diagnose challenges connected to innovation to their specific innovation portfolio.  

This initial set of questions and output is our early prototype of the tool for Module 1. We would like your input to shape how we build it. If you have 20-30 minutes to dedicate to this project, we very much appreciate your thoughts.  

Go to prototype

Get further involved 

If you would like to learn more or contribute to other modules, consider attending an upcoming webinar on innovation portfolio management on 27 May at 10:00 Central European Time. Register here.  

This is very much a work in progress and if you have thoughts about this topic or project, please feel free to get in touch: [email protected]