OPSI COVID-19 Innovative Response Tracker

Drone solutions for more effective Covid-19 response

Innovative response

Drone solutions for more effective Covid-19 response.

Specific issues addressed and anticipated impact

Drones were:
- Sent to popular meeting points and delivered announcements, that public gatherings during quarantine are restricted
- Sent to different neighborhood were percentage of elderly is the highest to ask people to stay home
- Used to spread information about the possible consequences of corona virus
- Used to wish people Happy Easter and say thank you for staying home
- Used to monitor trash containers (to limit exposure of people) and provide information if they are full

Organisations/institutions involved

Vilnius City Municipality

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Level(s) of government:
  • Local government

Issues being addressed:

  • Information and practice sharing (with public and/or internal)
  • Governance responses
  • Real-time data collection, sharing, and analysis