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e-commerce Directory

Innovative response

The eCommerce directory will be shown in the Qatar’s eCommerce portal. This will be done based on the following steps.
• Logo
• Online name.
• Category
• Link URL and APP, Google play and Android.
• Description about the company.
If anyone wants to search for the online shop, they can sort by the category which listed as Clothing, Groceries, Healthcare, Electronics, Home & Kitchen and Marketplace, Gifts, Industrial & scientific goods, Beauty, Toys & Games, Sports & outdoors, Entertainment, Others. Also
If person want to know about the online shop, he/she can check in description provided in the eCommerce Directory.

Specific issues addressed and anticipated impact

e-commerce Directory was found to provide an easy way for people in Qatar to reach their favorite shops or services easily via online throughout the current situation of COVID-19. It aims to:

• Facilitating the process of reaching retail stores online easily.
• Facilitating the process of searching the retail stores or services by using clear and easy categorizing for the user. The category list includes the following: Electronics / Healthcare / Grocery / Fashion / Apparel & Accessories / Home & Kitchen, etc.
• Covering the most important services requested by the Citizens and residents of Qatar to prevent them from socializing during these events.
• Assuring all companies in the Directory list are licensed by MoCI and have valid CR to trade in Qatar.
• To improve the e-commerce activity in Qatar and shed a light on the importance of it during such events and to step up the e-commerce in Qatar.

Organisations/institutions involved

Ministry of Transport and Communications

Potential issues


Level(s) of government:
  • National/Federal government

Issues being addressed:

  • Social effects of the crisis

Response contact:

[email protected]

Date Submitted:

27 April 2020