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France’s Defense Innovation Agency (AID) launches a dedicated call for innovative solutions

Innovative response

France's Defense Innovation Agency (AID) launched a dedicated call, as part of the government's plan to fight COVID-19. It relates to the search for innovative solutions, whether technological, organizational, managerial or adapting industrial processes, which could be directly mobilized in order to: protect the population, support patient care, test the population, monitoring the evolution of the disease at the individual level and the evolution of the pandemic, or helping to limit constraints during the crisis period.

Specific issues addressed and anticipated impact

Solutions to specific problems can be hard for governments themselves to identify and scale up quickly, especially given the breadth of sectors and fields from which they can come. This call for innovations will facilitate the fast scale up of possible innovative solutions as submitted by external organisations from different sectors, addressing problems that the government may not have even perceived yet.

Organisations/institutions involved

Defense Innovation Agency (AID) France

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Level(s) of government:
  • National/Federal government

Issues being addressed:

  • Crowdsourcing solutions