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• Démocratiser l’accès à la connaissance • Eviter le décrochage scolaire • Favoriser la pédagogie différenciée • Former les équipes pédagogiques aux nouvelles pratiques et à l’utilisation des nouvelles technologies. • Répondre aux problèmes de rupture de la continuité pédagogique en cas de crise grave ou catastrophe naturelle • Offrir une structure scolaire et éducative complète (virtuelle) dans les lieux démunis de structure éducative
The Ministry of Solidarity and Health (through Santé publique France) is publishing several COVID-19 related datasets on the national open data portal: 1) Daily hospital data by department and sex of the patient: number of hospitalized patients, number of people currently in intensive care, cumulative number of people who returned home, cumulative number of deceased people. 2) Daily data relating to hospitals by department: cumulative number of services having declared at least one case. 3)…
France has launched a €7bn bailout to help Air France deal with the economic fallout, but with various innovative environmental conditionalities attached. The support will include a state guarantee on loans and a subordinated shareholder loan to the company by France. The money is contingent on the carrier reducing pollution by scrapping certain domestic flights, in which travelling by train is a viable option. Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire  said the coronavirus crisis provided…
Some of the busiest traffic arteries in Paris will be reserved for cyclists in a bid to limit crowds on public transport when France begins lifting its coronavirus lockdown next week, the city's mayor Anne Hidalgo has said. In total, 50 kilometres (30 miles) of lanes normally used by cars will be reserved for bicycles. The mayor had already announced last week that the Rue de Rivoli, the main east-west thoroughfare through the heart of the French capital, would be only for bikes starting May…
France's Defense Innovation Agency (AID) launched a dedicated call, as part of the government's plan to fight COVID-19. It relates to the search for innovative solutions, whether technological, organizational, managerial or adapting industrial processes, which could be directly mobilized in order to: protect the population, support patient care, test the population, monitoring the evolution of the disease at the individual level and the evolution of the pandemic, or helping to limit constraints…
The Hauts-de-France hub for civic, social and citizen engagement is an online platform created by the Hauts-de-France government and SiiLab which details all the possible initiatives in which citizens can get involved in this region. It lists the various initiatives, describes the problems that they are addressing, how they attempt to solve those problems, and how citizens can get involved.
This space, initiated by the CNFPT and the actors of territorial public innovation, aims to organize support and mutual aid between agents of the territorial public service, local communities and more broadly between citizens and any actor contributing to the common good in the territories. It is also an opportunity to learn together about the crisis in the context of innovative distance learning formats. Each contribution constitutes collective intelligence. Each contribution strengthens our…
The French Secretariat in charge of Digital and La MedNum, a national cooperatiive of actors who work in data mediation, have created a 'Digital Solidarity' web platform to help people who have been forced to transition to digital solutions but who are not used to using particular digital services. The platform is created and solutions are proposed by volunteers through La MedNum. There is also an option for people to offer submit more content. The platform offers guidance and assisatnce on…
The French Ministry of Solidarity and Health has published a referral algorithm for people wondering if they have symptoms of COVID19. This algorithm was created by a scientific committee made up of doctors, called CovidTélé, co-piloted by the AP-HP and the Pasteur Institute. It can be read online In order to align all initiatives to the same set of health recommendations, the Ministry of Solidarity and Health…
Mobilisons-nous pour sécuriser nos assiettes' is a platform that links farmers needing seasonal workers with potential volunteers. If volunteers have free time, they can work in fields, orchards or farms for a few hours through registering online on, fill in the tasks that they are able to do, and their form will be sent directly to farmers. Similarly, farmers can also complete a form to help find workers for their specific tasks.