Improving the Government oversight of Declaration of Assets and Interest in Chile through BI

The Statement of Interests and Assets system (abbreviated to DIP) allows monitoring assets and potential conflicts of interest of officials through business intelligence. Data mining is used to process new data to address audit teams. This innovation represents a change in the traditional auditing process that improves the efficiency and economy of our teams.

Innovation Summary

Innovation Overview

The innovation was developed as the result of a regulatory modification, law no. 20,880 of 2016, which reinforces probity in public administration and the prevention of conflicts of interest and obliges the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic to oversee the timeliness, integrity, and veracity of the content of declarations of interests and assets of authorities, public officials and service providers. The law also establishes that the Comptroller’s Office shall be in charge of administering an information system which gives declarants permanent access to a single electronic form, its contents, the required fields and the declarations made. As noted, the innovation consists of changing the oversight model in order to identify possible conflicts of interests for officials. With a single database for detailed information on declarants' assets, it is possible to apply business intelligence in order to corroborate the consistency of the information given, and to develop predictive models that provide findings regarding possible failures of probity, checked against official sources of information. The innovation was also developed because the Office of the Comptroller General is obliged to make good use of its resources, using information technology to reduce costs and make work methods more efficient. The innovation also helps strengthen the interoperability of the state's information bases and improve the timeliness of oversight.

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Year: 2016
Level of government: National/Federal government


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