Certificado Único de Discapacidad (CUD) – Redesign of the granting service of the Unique Certificate of Disability

Obtaining a Certificado Único de Discapacidad (CUD, a disability certificate) in Argentina was a complex, painful and difficult process. It was a citizen’s right, but did was not a digital service. The process lasted up to 7 months and had 4 steps. There is now one step. A wizard guides citizens in the requirements of the application, an online appointment system schedules the interview and proactively provides notifications in the citizen's digital profile. The redesign of the service put citizen needs before bureaucracy in order to provide high-quality service.

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The experience of obtaining a Unique Certificate of Disability (CUD) in Argentina was a complex, painful and difficult process for citizens.
Obtaining the Unique Certificate of Disability (CUD) is a right for the people with disabilities but it did not have an appropriate digital service and it was imperative to reformulate its process to help citizens in this stage of their lives.
How can Government accompany citizens at a time when they are requesting a certificate that only makes the pain more evident when you ask for it? Making the process simpler, easier and more accessible.
For 4 months we worked as a team with the National Agency for Disability. At the end, a procedure that lasted up to 7 months and had 4 steps now has only 1.
Redesigning a service to a single step is the summary of implementing a wizard assistant to guide citizens in the requirements for applying for the CUD according to their needs, preventing them from going to the offices to see what documentation they must bring with them. Implementing an online appointment system, to schedule the interview with the Medical Evaluation Board and thus avoid hours and hours of waiting in queues in public offices. It is to integrate the CUD in the digital profile of the citizen “Mi Argentina”, setting proactive reminders of the expiration dates of the CUD and offering help with the renewal, giving access to personalized information and new services.
Redesign a service such as the granting of the CUD is to put in the people, that is in a stage of vulnerability in their life, in front of the bureaucracy and provide a service of quality.
In Argentina it is estimated that 3 million people have some disability. To certify this disability, the Medical Evaluation Boards distributed throughout the country issue a Unique Certificate of Disability (CUD) that allows people to access the rights and benefits provided by the Government. According to the National Agency for Disability, 1,405,687 certificates have been issued to the present.
Until a few months ago, obtaining the CUD was a process that consisted of multiple steps, all of them require going in person to a public office:
• Inquire the requirements, documentation and studies needed according to the type of disability and the age of the person;
• Submit all the documentation to obtain an appointment in the corresponding Medical Evaluation Board;
• Attend to the evaluation by the Board;
• Get the paper certificate.
We interview people with disabilities, their families and health workers, to understand how was the better way in which Government could improve this service:
"My son Tomás is 6 years old and he was diagnosed with Asperger, so he needs to attend school with a therapeutic companion. We needed the CUD to access medical and healthcare benefits; It is a painful process, it takes a lot of time, and you get confused every time with the information that is given, each time some document was missing or they have forgot to tell me it was necessary. The information given is different according to which person attended to you in the public office."

"The forms are in PDF and my reader does not understand them"
With the aim of simplifying the process, and in order to avoid that the people need to go to an office to find out about the requirements, documents and medical studies needed, we work together with the National Agency for Disability in a unique system of consultation in Argentina.gob.ar, with accessible and personalized forms, according the age, health problem category, place of residence and type of procedure (renewal, obtaining for the first time, change of gender).
In this way, we unify the list of requirements, avoiding discretional information in the requesting of documents and granting of appointments, digitizing the beginning of the procedure.
The second step was to simplify the access to an appointment for the in person evaluation, not only so that people can choose the day and time of attention that best suits their needs, but also receive a notification reminding of the appointment and documentation needed by email.
In this order, we launched a strategy to implement the National Appointment System in the 453 Medical Evaluation Boards that evaluates the obtaining of the CUD throughout the country.
Finally, we incorporate the CUD obtention process to citizen’s digital profile “Mi Argentina”, where citizens can access reminders about the expiration dates of the CUD and get personalized information about the services that they can access once the CUD is obtained: as how to get an appointment for the Automotive Symbol and which benefits I could have with it.
When redesigning a service such as the obtention of the CUD, we are not only simplifying, speeding up, giving transparency and digitizing a procedure, we are also accompanying people in a difficult process to provide them with the service they deserve.

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