Counterfeit Medicine Detection Using Blockchain and AI

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The Specialized Inspection Agency of Tuv Province and the Government of Mongolia Feasibility Study and piloted a project called “Counterfeit drug detection using Blockchain and AI” to eliminate fake drugs from the market, and save the thousands of lives. The project will increase safety and transparency of the drug industry, tracing the pharmaceutical supply chain in Mongolia, as well as globally.

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To track, trace and organize a pharmaceutical supply-chain effectively is costly; it is a challenge that goes from the manufacturer to the end user. Due this difficult challenge, about 200 million USD fake medicine enters the market, with the result of millions of people dying around the world.

The objectives of feasibility study and pilot:

1) Pilot the elimination of the counterfeit drugs using advanced technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big data analysis, to save thousands of lives.
2) Demonstrate the benefits of Blockchain Technology practical novel way in the public sector, as well as to the society.
3) Increase the transparency of the pharmaceutical supply chain.

The feasibility study covers national-wide system implementation, while the pilot covers one of the provincial levels out of 18 to demonstrate the system.

Using the mobile application all the stakeholders, government inspection agency, pharmaceutical industry, whole sellers, distributors, retailers, consumers will scan the label of drugs, thus all the history information from manufacturers to the retailers, as well as the consumer can check the expiration date easily from the app.

It will be innovatively contribute to the specialized inspection agency to track and trace the non-standardized or fake medicine for the public safety. Customers will know the history and originality of their purchased medicine. Manufacturers will benefit the elimination of their brand fake medicine producers.

Ultimately, the project aims to save thousands of lives due to fake medicine, not only at national level, but also globally.

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  1. Hi, I am a master student of Development, Technology and Innovation at University College London. Currently I am writing a policy paper on fighting counterfeit medicines throught blockchain technology in developing countries. I would be very greateful if you could provide me, if you can, with further information on this inoovation case in Mongolia. Due to language barriers I have not been able to know at what stage of the pilot they are right now or if there are already some preliminar discoveries.


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