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Facilita Peru


Facilita Peru empowers public entities in digital transformation by digitizing procedures and services across 449 institutions with 1,500 forms, enhancing accessibility for citizens. Officials manage digital forms without operational costs, and citizens benefit from virtual procedures from home. The innovative virtual parts table streamlines application and record management for enhanced efficiency.

Innovation Summary

Innovation Overview

Facilita Perú addresses the challenge of archaic, in-person state procedures pre-COVID-19, emphasizing the critical need for digital transformation. The innovation, launched amid the pandemic, digitizes procedures and services across 449 institutions with 1,500 forms, enhancing accessibility for citizens. Recent upgrades include preset templates, digital payment options, and a citizen consultation tool, aiming to streamline processes and improve user services.
The future envisions continued expansion with a procedure manager, internal document system, and unified service tray, emphasizing sustained efforts to bridge the digital gap and enhance citizen-state interactions nationwide.

Innovation Description

What Makes Your Project Innovative?

Facilita Peru stands out as an innovative solution amid the COVID-19-induced digital transformation of state institutions. Unlike previous approaches, this free digital tool is uniquely designed with a people-centered focus, informed by extensive research involving interviews with government representatives. Recognizing the need for a user-friendly platform, Facilita Peru empowers public entities to effortlessly create online forms, prioritizing a positive citizen experience and efficient request management. The project's innovation lies in its commitment to streamlining digital processes, enabling institutions to prioritize citizen value without the need for extensive technical expertise or significant investments in development teams.

What is the current status of your innovation?

Facilita Peru, three years post-launch, boasts 4,800+ published forms from 1,474 institutions, processing over 1,000 responses daily. The platform undergoes continuous updates, recently incorporating features like procedure/service templates, payment options, and public information queries. These enhancements aim to facilitate and enhance the overall user experience, marking a commitment to ongoing improvement and adaptability.

Innovation Development

Collaborations & Partnerships

During the investigation phase, crucial support was garnered from representatives of District and Provincial Municipalities, Regional governments, Ministries, and Citizens. Their diverse perspectives and insights were instrumental in shaping Facilita Peru. The collaboration ensured that the digital tool addressed the unique needs and challenges faced by various stakeholders, promoting inclusivity and effectiveness in the innovation's development.

Users, Stakeholders & Beneficiaries

Public officials benefit by efficiently managing citizen requests and tracking their status. Citizens, in turn, experience streamlined processes, conducting procedures and services conveniently from home. Facilita Peru brings positive impacts to both stakeholders, fostering efficient interaction between public officials and citizens, marking a significant improvement in user experience.

Innovation Reflections

Results, Outcomes & Impacts

Since its 2020 launch, Facilita Peru has handled over 1 million citizen requests through 1,000 entities, optimizing attention, monitoring, costs, and time processes. These results are tracked through platform KPIs, showcasing the significant impact on user interaction with public institutions.

Future plans involve scaling with new functionalities, like online integration with public institution information systems, user identification via the civil registry entity, and payment gateways. These enhancements aim to further facilitate the citizen-State interaction, solidifying Facilita Peru as a platform committed to improving the procedural experience for citizens and the Peruvian State.

Challenges and Failures

Challenges in engaging entities with limited tech support and budget for digital tools persist.
Building trust in digital payments remains an ongoing challenge, addressed through initiatives like a payment voucher management tool to boost confidence. Enhancing procedure monitoring is a focus, aiming to broaden coverage for handling complex procedures and ensuring a smoother citizen interaction.
These challenges prompt continuous adaptation and improvement efforts to overcome obstacles in the dynamic landscape of digital innovation.

Conditions for Success

Success relies on robust public policies to advance digital transformation and encourage Facilita Peru adoption by public entities.

Institutional collaboration, embracing an open innovation approach, ensures effective cooperation, seamless API management, and integration of cross-cutting digital solutions.
Upholding data security standards and ensuring ethical use through ongoing collaboration with other institutions remains crucial.

These conditions collectively foster an environment conducive to the success and sustainability of Facilita Peru as a digital facilitator for citizen-State interactions.


Facilita Peru has demonstrated its potential to modernize public management and holds promise as a digital toolbox.

Initially designed for state officials and citizens, its future trajectory involves expanding functionalities to enhance internal processes within public entities. The platform's adaptability ensures seamless integration with various services, paving the way for addressing more complex procedures.

This evolution positions Facilita to foster increased interaction within entities and with citizens, making it a versatile and replicable solution for diverse organizational and governmental contexts.

Lessons Learned

Facilita Peru imparts valuable lessons on streamlining form creation for public entities. The platform offers quick and easy creation through predesigned templates, enhancing the user experience. The innovative Virtual Parts Table exemplifies this efficiency (

Additionally, Facilita empowers entities to create forms that deliver benefits to citizens, exemplified by the Request for Economic Assistance for COVID-19 orphan cases initiated by the National Comprehensive Program for Family Welfare (

These lessons underscore the importance of user-centric design and the potential for digital platforms to efficiently address diverse procedural and citizen-centric needs.

Project Pitch

Supporting Videos

Year: 2020
Level of Government: National/Federal government


  • Generating Ideas or Designing Solutions - finding and filtering ideas to respond to the problem or opportunity
  • Implementation - making the innovation happen
  • Evaluation - understanding whether the innovative initiative has delivered what was needed

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Date Published:

28 December 2023

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