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With the aim of continuing to promote confidence in legislative work and to open a more direct channel of communication with the new generations, LEGIS65 is born. LEGIS65 is a virtual assistant whose mission is to help society to know and learn more about the legislative work of Guanajuato, as well as the culture and history of the state, through illustrious characters produced by artificial intelligence tools.

Innovation Summary

Innovation Overview

Today, the large amount of information that is consumed forces public and private institutions to implement creative and innovative strategies to position their services or products.

This is why a virtual legislative assistant called LEGIS65 has been created. Through the implementation of technology, its mission is to bring the work of the Congress of the State of Guanajuato closer to the citizens, and to promote the culture and history of the state, through illustrious characters produced by artificial intelligence tools.

LEGIS65 is hosting a quiz game, called ‘El Desafío’ (The Challenge), which has a capacity for 4 players. There, participants play against four characters alluding to the 200 years of Guanajuato as a free and sovereign state, among which are: Diego Rivera, painter; Maria Grever, composer; Carlos Montes de Oca, first Governor of Guanajuato and Margarita Solis, first female Deputy of Guanajuato.

To start the project, a detailed selection of information and concepts to be positioned in relation to legislative work was made. Then, the image and methodology of the game was designed, with the vision that technology and knowledge would be reflected as the guiding principle.

The four historical characters of the 200 years of Guanjauato come to life in this game through an artificial intelligence tool (also including speakers who could give voice to each of them), trying to be as similar as possible to real life.

In addition, an induction video (90 seconds) was made for the game, providing the 4 participants with information that would help them to answer the questions correctly.

Once LEGIS65 had finished providing the information in the induction video, the character would start with a set of 5 questions. Each character has its own selection of questions.

LEGIS65 was born this year and was installed for the first time at the León State Fair, attended by a total of more than 15,000 people, from outside and inside Guanajuato. It is also projected to have citizen activations inside the legislative building, which receives more than 1,500 young people every month, in order to reinforce what they have learned during their tour of the building.

Innovation Description

What Makes Your Project Innovative?

LEGIS65 is a project that breaks with traditional communication, as it uses technology and games to build a bridge to knowledge, involving the culture and history of the state of Guanajuato, as a means to learn more about local legislative work.

Different generations connect with the game due to its interactivity and the way it tells the story, legislative processes and characters, allowing them to better remember each piece of information provided.

Innovation Development

Collaborations & Partnerships

The Social Management and Liaison area was involved from the creation of the guiding concept, scripts, choice of characters, selection of voices, and in the interactive functionality of LEGIS65.
The company TARANTA supported the development of the production through artificial intelligence.
The academic community, entrepreneurs, public servants, members of associations and citizens have participated making possible an unparalleled interaction.

Users, Stakeholders & Beneficiaries

The implementation of AI tools within the methodology of the LEGIS65 game (‘The Challenge’) awakens the interest and attention of different generations of citizens, as the game is for children, adults and senior citizens, and there is also a ramp so that wheelchair users can participate.

Innovation Reflections

Results, Outcomes & Impacts

People who participate in the game get a better perspective of the State Congress, as they learn about the number of deputies in Guanajuato.

Challenges and Failures

The biggest challenge in the implementation of this product was to encourage people to participate, as the scheme of a question and answer game in public is complex for some people to participate; but when mentioned that there is an induction video that would help them to have more opportunities to answer satisfactorily, the uncertainty disappeared.

Another challenge we managed to overcome is the lack of interest in public issues. LEGIS65 was designed to be an attractive figure that would connect with all audiences, digesting the information as much as possible, so that it could be accessed and used in a better way.


LEGIS65 will continue to be part of the guided tours of the State Congress, as it will allow to reinforce what has been learned (e.g. integration of the legislature, stages of the legislative process, and historical data of Guanajuato) and generate a closer experience with the users who visit the building. Other institutions can use a similar model to promote the educational dissemination of relevant information in the institution.

Lessons Learned

The most important thing within government communication that this project showed us:
- Storytelling (how you tell things)
- Concept (the way we tell things)
- Media or format (tools we use to make it unforgettable).

And on the other hand, to be as persistent as possible, because as public servants we are very happy to be able to use new communication tools and concepts that generate better expectations and that mark the citizen positively.

Anything Else?

LEGIS65 is an effort to connect and communicate with citizens. We are sure that the challenge regarding the information that users receive is great, but we are convinced that products that mix innovation, technological development and a vision of citizen participation are destined to succeed, generating a greater interest of citizens in what happens in their environment.


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Date Published:

2 July 2024

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