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Educating youth about diversity and the importance of empathy is difficult and dull using traditional classroom methods. Our team of unpaid volunteers built an interactive fiction mobile game, where youths can experience life as somebody unlike themselves, make choices, and reflect on how we treat each other. The feedback has been tremendous - teachers, students, and even adults love the stories and our data analytics indicates real positive impact on individuals who have played the game.
The Center for Hybrid Intelligence (CHI) has with partners such as UN’s AI4Good and the Danish People Climate Summit piloted a new AI powered game, “Crea.visions,” which allows the general public to collaboratively create and reflect on images of possible futures. Such accessible crowdsourcing of the concerns and solutions of the general public on both global and local complex socio-scientific problems could form a cornerstone in participatory democracy in the digital age.
We can agree on a lot more than we are led to believe. PolicyKeys is firstly a robust one-page narrative tool built around a ground truth so an AI can assist in predicting support for any public policy solution. PolicyKeys is secondarily a role-playing game to help player's better understand their own internal conflicts, as well as better understand their fellow citizen's differing beliefs—the result is a leaderboard of ideas that have deep and wide acceptance—approaching consensus.
When artificial intelligence (AI) is unable to achieve required accuracy levels in biomedical analysis involving very large data sets, the models are often discarded and the research is severely hindered. To solve this problem we created a crowd-powered citizen science game, Stall Catchers, to integrate the cognition of public volunteers with AI methods to achieve rapid, expert-like analysis of Alzheimer's research data aimed at accelerating the discovery of a therapeutic treatment.
Those who are now teenagers will be in charge of resolving complex problems in 2050, in particular those related to the climate crisis and its impact on cities. They will need to be equipped with soft skills to develop generosity, creativity or teamwork; unfortunately, traditional schools are not prepared for this task yet. The Mayor's office from Suba, Bogotá, in alliance with te Bogotá Lab iBO and with the World Bank, developed an experiment to test a gamified program that uses ICT to…
The Conexão Inovação Pública RJ is a network of Brazilian public servants. Distance and other factors negatively impact the interaction and mobilisation of network members. The Connection for Open Recognition Program is an action of engagement, collaboration and strengthening of the network to encourage the sharing of material, promotion of new events and recognition and appreciation among the members of the network.
Mexicans' financial capabilities are below the average of G-20 countries, worsening their quality of life: 68% say "money is for spending", consequently 65% live from hand to mouth (OCDE, 2017). AFORTUNADA MENTE is a didactic board game for children, families and entrepreneurs to develop financial and socio-emotional capabilities. It's intuitive, agile and ludic, and promotes personal development and social impact through the game's challenges.
“Agora Falo Eu!" is an educational card game consisting of 8 question cards and 120 image cards destined for children between 7 and 13 years old. During the game, participants are invited to answer the question cards with the picture cards they are given.   The game aims to help children explore themes of citizenship and development; define their interests and identify the most suitable media to work on citizenship and civic participation; and promote engagement in democracy.
The Scenario Exploration System was developed to facilitate the application of futures thinking to policy-making originally geared at engaging EU policy-makers with foresight scenarios very easily. The tool operates as a multi-role board game that makes participants naturally grasp complex opportunities and constraints in a future-oriented perspective. Never before had a tool been able to facilitate the uptake of foresight for policy-making and systemic thinking to such an extent.
Rescuebusters is an interactive 3D-animated game that specializes in youth safety education. It is an unique teaching tool that brings practical examples alongside theoretical learning with animated, real-life based tasks. Rescuebusters offers an immersive world with distinctive, sympathetic characters, unique game mechanisms and development tracking which take teaching to a whole new level.