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Minas Gerais Government Transparency Portal is an instrument of transparency and control of state governmental actions by its citizens. The data available on the portal allows citizens to inspect and monitor public expenses of the government, contributing to greater transparency and prevention of corruption. Since its creation, the portal has been improved and complies to regulations and standards of public information and has a user friendly interface.

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The Portal of Transparency is an electronic tool of Minas Gerais State that allows transparency and control of state governmental actions by its citizens, displaying public data from the State and municipalities, offering search tools based on the Law of access to information.
It complies with all Brazilian legal requirements related to financial rules and regulations of fiscal management responsibility and constitutional rights of public information access to all.
The Portal was installed in 2009 by the Secretary of Revenue of Minas Gerais in a partnership with Companhia de Tecnologia da Informação do Estado de Minas Gerais (Prodemge). It contains data and information such as expenses and revenue, public deficits, tax transfers, personal expenses, payments, and fiscal citizenship.
In 2015, the Controladoria Geral do Estado de Minas Gerais (CGE), the body responsible for managing the portal, decided to restructure it aiming to increase the amount of public data available by automatic search engines and improve user-friendliness. In order to make it possible, CGE signed a contract with Prodemge to develop a new layout and insert search tools. Now the portal is an essential tool of governmental transparency that contains much more data and information than its prior version. New features also include a search tool of employee travel expenses, income from partnerships, contracts and acquisitions, information on cars owned by the government, budgets and other.
In terms of the portal layout and usability, interactive graphics, maps and the possibility to export all data to social media were developed with the new update. A call service to answer citizens’ inquiries was also made available in addition to the existing channels.
Transparency plays an important role in the fight against corruption allowing greater responsibility and increased disclosures by public managers as well as control from citizens, researchers and media. Therefore CGE is working continuously to make more data available on the portal.

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Year: 2015
Organisation Type: Government
Level of government: Regional/State government

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