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Positive Deviance Initiative

The publishers describe the PD concept as: based on the observation that in every community or organization, there are a few individuals or groups whose uncommon but successful behaviors and strategies have enabled them to find better solutions to problems than their neighbors who face the same challenges and barriers and have access to same resources. This resource orients newcomers to the Positive Deviance (PD) approach and provide the essential tools to get started. It includes a brief…

BETA Guide to developing behavioural interventions for randomised controlled trials

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This guide outlines BETA’s approach to developing behavioural interventions for randomised controlled trials (RCTs), based round 9 guiding questions through four project phases: Discovery, Diagnosis, Design, Delivery. The guide is designed to primarily help with the discovery and diagnosis phases. It also includes basic guidance on setting up an RCT. The website includes an academic directory of those working in the behavioral economics research community.