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Innovation Playbook

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The OECD-OPSI Innovation Playbook offers an accessible, actionable and user-centred instrument to translate the OECD Declaration on Public Sector Innovation into practical guidance on how its principles can be applied to solve public sector challenges. The Innovation Playbook offers an entry point to help governments identify where they can build and leverage innovative capacities to solve present and emerging challenges. Intended for top officials and middle-managers, it helps users assess and…

PROMPT – Design for Policy Toolkit

The Design for Policy toolkit PROMPT is targeted toward policymakers who wish to identify where design can add value to the policy cycle process by enhancing user and citizen participation. The majority of the design tools included in the resource are common qualitative research and design methods and follow a gradual shift in emphasis from data-centred policy to people-powered policy, according to the publishers. PROMPT has been collaboratively developed by PDR - International Design and…

Portafolio instrumentos innovadores para evaluar Políticas Públicas

Uno de los ejes fundamentales para el mejoramiento de la Gestión Pública es la evaluación de Políticas, Planes, Proyectos que se desarrollan en el sector público. En ese sentido, el Laboratorio de Innovación Pública de la Veeduria Distrital de Bogotá (LABcapital) ha diseñado un Portafolio de Instrumentos Innovadores para evaluar Políticas Públicas, como un insumo fundamental para servidores públicos encargados de diseñar e implementar evaluaciones en el sector público. Este…

Índice de Innovación Pública de Bogotá IIPBogotá

La Veeduria Distrital de Bogotá, por medio de su Laboratorio de Innovación Pública Distrital LABcapital, ha diseñado e implementado el primer Índice de Innovación Pública (IIP) para ciudades. El IIP fue diseñado en 2017 e implementado en noviembre de 2018 con 39 entidades públicas de Bogotá. Los resultados de la medición fueron socializados en julio de 2019. Esa herramienta esta dividida en 4 componentes esenciales: 1. Capacidad Institucional 2. Procesos y…
The Privy Council Office's Impact and Innovation Unit’s (IIU) developed this guidance for impact measurement, in support of its work under Impact Canada. This resource provides an introduction to the topic, as well as a reference for those involved in the design, delivery, procurement or appraisal of impact measurement strategies in Canada and beyond. It provides descriptions and considerations of different ways of measuring impact versus traditional methods. It includes the reasoning for…
Innovate to Save was launched in February 2017 with funding from Welsh Government. The programme blends grant funding to undertake a Research and Development phase, incorporating prototyping and piloting of the organisations' ideas, followed by the opportunity to apply for an interest-free loan on negotiable terms to implement the project at scale during an implementation phase. Repayable finance is a tool that governments can use to support innovation in public services - allowing governments…
BASIC (Behaviour, Analysis, Strategies, Intervention, and Change) is an overarching framework for applying behavioural insights to public policy from the beginning to the end of the policy cycle. It is built on five stages that guides the application of behavioural insights and is a repository of best practices, proof of concepts and methodological standards for behavioural insights practitioners and policymakers who have become interested in applying behavioural insights to public policy. The…
This resource provides advice as well as tools for those involved in the development and implementation of public administration reform and sector strategies. It guides users through each stage of the development, implementation, monitoring and overall management of strategies. It covers: problem analysis; prioritisation of reform ambitions; setting of objectives; definition of indicators (with baselines and targets); action planning and costing; implementation monitoring, reporting and…

Legal Design Toolbox

This is a set of resources for designers who are approaching legal challenges with a creative, generative, human-centered approach. The toolbox provides guides, tools, and examples to help you scope & tackle these challenges with design. It includes a Legal Communication Design Toolbox, a Legal Design Pattern Library, and a Legal Product Typology. It covers policy prototyping, visual design, and data visualisation.

Evaluating Innovation Toolkit

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This resource is a series of tools to help clarify, plan, collect, and use data, information and evidence to evaluate an innovation as well as spread the learnings and results. It is intended to be used throughout a project to incorporate evaluative and intentional processes and feedback loops.