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IoT Service Kit

Hero HERO:
Editable source files available
The IoT Service Kit is a board game that brings domain experts out of their silos to co-create user-centric IoT experiences. The Kit consists of three major components: maps, tokens and cards, which can be downloaded and printed/3D printed. It includes source content on GitHub as well. Its stated goals: achieve mutual understanding, stay tangible, and make complex simple. It is best for those who have some understanding of service design processes and principles as well as IoT technologies.

Lean Brand Creation Canvasses

Champion CHAMPION:
Can be remixed
Lean Brand Creation is a structured method for lean creation of a new brand, and a strategic guideline for an existing brand in any brand, marketing & experience design work. It contains a set of 22 canvasses. It is intended for a marketing context but some techniques could be adapted for public services or for stakeholder engagement. It is an offspring of Futurice’s Lean Service Creation, and can be used with the LSC toolkit or on its own.

Lean Service Creation Handbook

Champion CHAMPION:
Can be remixed
A curated set of 18 canvases that walk you through the steps needed for creating services & products using the combined principles and methodologies of agile development, lean startup, and design thinking. The publisher's intent is for you to reach business objectives in an iterative and human-centric way. In adapting to a public sector context, "customers" may need to be re-framed as stakeholders or service users. GitHub source content available. Includes how-to videos.

The Intelligence Augmentation Design Toolkit

Champion CHAMPION:
Can be remixed
There is a free and paid version of this toolkit and an associated workshop offered by the publishers. The free version of the kit provides tools to structure your thinking when designing a service that includes machine learning elements. The core idea is that you first describe a user journey in a physical or digital space, and then use the materials from the kit to brainstorm service concepts in that space. The core materials include: - A booklet summarising key concepts for designing IA…