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Effective Institutions Platform

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Evidence and Resource Library on Public Sector Reform which documents country experiences, good practices and challenges, shares a wide range of information on modalities /methodologies on peer learning, publicises original, empirical research when and where knowledge gaps are identified, and documents and disseminates stories of change. Hundreds of entries are tagged by problem type, theme, and keyword.



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One review for "Effective Institutions Platform"

  1. The Effective Institutions Platform offers an Evidence and Resources Library which shares a wide variety of resources which focus on public institutions and peer learning. This platform is extremely valuable and user friendly.
    Firstly, you can scroll through their 243 resources if you have nothing specific you are looking for. However, the platform is very valuable when it comes to how they organise the resources they have. The resources are categorised by problem, theme and keyword. This also means that when zooming in on a resource, you will be able to place it within the library as it will highlight under which problem it is classified, which question it answers and which keyword it falls under. It will therefore become easier to find resources that answer the same question or fall under the same keyword.
    Secondly, the resources shared are not only researches but will connect you to another platform of research and resources such as ODI (Overseas Development Institute) where you will be able to access the resource and other similar resources that you can freely access as visitor. Finally, the platform also offers their own publications and events where you can stay in touch with them through their newsletter. This platform will only be of use for policy makers as all of the resources it holds are based on public sector reforms. This is however a great platform to make your way around the extensive variety of resources that can be found on public sector reforms.

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