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Dutch Reach Project (DRP) closes a serious gap in existing road safety efforts to prevent “dooring,” a common, feared & at times fatal crash caused when exiting motorists - using their near hand - suddenly throw open their car door into the path of a bicyclist or other vulnerable road user (VRU).

To prevent dooring, DRP promotes the Dutch Reach (DR): reaching across to the door with the far hand to open - a much safer method.

The DR project is already gaining increasing attention and being taught across the globe.

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The Arlington Restaurant Initiative (ARI) is a voluntary accreditation program which aims to increase safety and economic viability for restaurants and special events in Arlington County, VA. The Police Department has partnered with County agencies to establish a holistic approach to nightlife management and raise standards of restaurants that serve alcohol. ARI has been successful in reducing alcohol-related violence and building mutually-beneficial relationships with stakeholders.

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SciTech DiploHub is a pioneering nonprofit public-private partnership backed by leading research centers, universities, non-profits, startups, corporations and public institutions that deploy Barcelona's science and technology diplomacy strategy. It has the mandate to elevate the role of science, technology, and cities in foreign policy and make Barcelona a more influential player on the global stage through its contribution to sustainable development and the global public good.

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The Australian government is transforming employment services to improve how the system works for job seekers, employers and the community.

Transformational change requires genuine consultation to capture the diversity of views of stakeholders affected by changes, identifying pain points, testing ideas and laying the groundwork for sustainable policy reform.

A citizen centric approach helps to understand the real-world impact, leading to better outcomes and greater acceptance in the community.

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Community Connects is a pilot project that came out of the Transportation Innovation Lab. Problem/Opportunity: Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) is a region with high levels of poverty and unemployment. Innovation: Taxi service, doorstep pick-up, defined drop-off points, flat rate: $7 seat. Why innovative? In short, the approach (social innovation lab) and those that were engaged (first-voice participants).

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A multistakeholder partnership created a regional indicators-based monitoring system to track pro-poor health policy change across the Southern African Development Community (SADC), a low-income region beset by socio-economic costs of a high disease burden. This stimulated SADC’s Result-Based Regional Monitoring and Evaluation initiative. Extending to all SADC priority areas, Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation (RBME) enables real-time tracking of regional performance, documentation of results at country level and the facilitation of evidence-based decision-making and learning

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