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Improving the use of digital services for senior citizens during the covid-19 and beyond

Innovative response

The entire nation has been affected by the corona-virus but instead of just looking at the negatives this should be seen as a time for finding important and necessary changes and possibilities. The self-quarantine of senior citizens and most of others has expanded digital services as the main and sometimes the only contact method between humans. And as we all know the digital world has not been designed with senior citizens as the top priority.

The main objective of Digital leap for seniors is to develop digital services to senior citizens in special circumstances and also to continuous use in the future. The central theme being that the development of digital services is mostly viewed from the viewpoint of the senior citizen and not only from the view of the developers and service providers. ​

Specific issues addressed and anticipated impact

The goals can be summarized as follows:​

-to increase the visibility of older people’s opinions and viewpoints in digital services
-to target new and important apps and services for seniors
-to find the most important needs and ways of learning inside the digitalized world
-to increase interaction between seniors and the younger so called ”digi-natives”, while at the same time lessening the need for support persons
-to create a discussion environment where the digital problems of senior citizens can be solved
-to brainstorm ideas in developing the use of digital services during the global pandemic
-to find deeper knowledge and learning about the beneficial use of digital apps in various fields
-to analyze and influence the future development of the apps through a commenting process

Organisations/institutions involved

-the state
-digital developers
-places of higher learning

Potential issues

The success of the project is mainly based on broad enough participation from senior citizens, app developers and all the institutions connected to the project. Clear vision might not be possible if participation numbers are low or the data collected does not reach a clear enough consensus on the way forward. To make this possible the project must be known widely throughout the society and especially in relevant sectors. Publicity through widely used methods is key.

Level(s) of government:
  • National/Federal government
  • Private Sector
  • Non-Profit/Civil Society

Issues being addressed:

  • Resource management and mobilisation
  • Public service delivery under new circumstances
  • Crowdsourcing solutions
  • Social effects of the crisis

Date Submitted:

17 June 2020