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May Day celebrations at the Virtual Helsinki attracted 1,5 million to party at home Finland's annual May Day celebrations gather yearly tens of thousands of people to the parks in the capital city of Helsinki to celebrate the beginning of the summer season. This year the celebrations took a completely new form. City of Helsinki encouraged people to stay at home and invited the entire country to a virtual concert in an online version of the capital city. One of Finland’s most popular rap…
The entire nation has been affected by the corona-virus but instead of just looking at the negatives this should be seen as a time for finding important and necessary changes and possibilities. The self-quarantine of senior citizens and most of others has expanded digital services as the main and sometimes the only contact method between humans. And as we all know the digital world has not been designed with senior citizens as the top priority. The main objective of Digital leap for seniors is…
The Lockdown Dialogues offer citizens and communities the possibility for constructive dialogues during the strains of the lockdown. The concept is to hold a regular series of discussions that will continue for as long as necessary. These dialogues will help to build an understanding of what it is like to live in a world under these unusual circumstances. All citizens are invited to participate in the dialogues. Particular attention is paid to assure that people from different demographic groups…
Fast Expert Teams vs. COVID-19: How to help Finland avoid paralyzing when experts cannot meet F2F? Fast Expert Teams-initiative combines volunteer expertise to collaborate effectively across professional and organizational borders from universities, private and public organizations and ministries. Experts use digital tools and collaboration platforms to solve various complex problems that companies, ministries and other organisations are struggling currently. Diverse expertise is matched for…