BA Obras (Open Urban Works)

Online and interactive platform that allows citizens to access information on more than 1000 public projects of the Buenos Aires City Government (hereinafter, “GCBA”). Providing data visualizations and geo-referenced maps, BA Obras facilitates citizen control. The initiative seeks to increase transparency in public management based on real-time monitoring with up-to-date and structured data.

The government of Buenos Aires City published BA Obras code in Github, so other governments can replicate this platform and developed manuals with general guidelines on how to implement an open public works site using BA Obras code. There is a help desk for technical support to governments that wish to replicate it.

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Closeness to citizens is a key value for the GCBA. A proximity government improves neighbours’ trust in the administration. As part of this strategy of proximity with the citizens and the conviction that the state should be accountable for its administration, the GCBA launched in November 2017, BA Obras a web platform which shows in a georeferenced manner almost 1000 public works of the City, in a citizen-friendly way.
Through the platform, neighbors can browse public works per neighbourhood and topic of interest, and access reliable and easy-to-understand data on public works, see renders and photos, get to know in detail the name, type of work, description, execution terms and progress status, location and budget of works and know which company is in charge, the amount of workers hired and access to information about the hiring process.
With this site, the City fulfilled one of the 54 Government Commitments undertaken by the Mayor, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, at the beginning of his term, “to have an online system on open public works.” Likewise, BA Obras fulfils the subnational commitment taken on by the Ministry of Urban Development and Transport within the Third National Action Plan on Open Government (2016-2019) developed with the Open Government Partnership.
This platform constitutes one of the initiatives, which shape the Open Government Ecosystem of Buenos Aires City (; it centralises and unifies data about the public works carried out by 11 different areas of government. Thus, it improves the internal management of information. Moreover, such information can be downloaded in an open format, so it adjusts to the international standards of open government in terms of purchase, hiring and public works.
BA Obras has expanded, and it is currently much more than a portal on open public works: it is a new way of interacting, being accountable and enabling dialogue channels with neighbours through public works.

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