BrazilLAB is an innovation hub conceived to connect startups with the public sector and accelerate their solutions with a focus on improving public services. It stimulates urban innovation by supporting high-impact entrepreneurs searching for solutions to complex city challenges. BrazilLAB is also a key driver of Brazil´s GovTech movement by leading a government advocacy coalition. Besides, it has launched a GovTech Seal through which startups can be easily accessed by the government.

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With the digital transformation and citizens’ demand for more efficient public services, governments need to build new collaborative arrangements, bringing innovative and scalable solutions to the administration and its constituents. On the other hand, a whole ecosystem of startups with solutions to the governmental and urban challenges is looking for opening new markets with the public sector. Nonetheless, there are still many obstacles that prevent effective collaboration between the government and the innovation ecosystem.

BrazilLAB´s goal is to bridge those two worlds by stimulating an innovation culture in the public sector while supporting high-impact entrepreneurs that are engaged in the search of solutions for the complex urban and social challenges. It is Brazil ‘s first B2G (Business to Government) innovation hub and their scope of action is divided into 4 pillars:

B2G Acceleration Program
BrazilLAB has implemented an acceleration program focused on the development of the selected projects. The program is already on its 4th edition and targeted solutions in diverse public management realms. The fourth acceleration program edition has been launched in September 2019 and will select 25 startups.

The acceleration program includes three modules of face-to-face activities. In each of them, entrepreneurs receive specialized mentoring, access to experts, investors and public leaders, information on public sector challenges, and media exposure. And, differently than other standard programs, they have the chance to deep-dive in the public procurement process and how to measure the solution´s social impact.

Completing this phase, the startups pitch their ideas to a group of investors and experts on a final ‘DemoDay’. The best one receives up to R$250 thousand (approx. U$60 thousand) in investment in exchange for a small share of their businesses, which helps BrazilLAB in its sustainability.

Nonetheless, the program cannot be summed up to its face-to-face activities. BrazilLAB's network of partners, mentors and staff are accessible to entrepreneurs throughout their journey (See Annex I for further information).


BrazilLAB is also a key driver of Brazil´s GovTech movement, leading some of its advocacy initiatives envisioning a better regulatory environment for innovation and entrepreneurship development. It is actively participating in Congress commissions for government simplification and digitalization and also on improving public procurement for startups. It has participated in the elaboration of the “Startup Legal Framework”, a proposed regulatory norm to enhance the Brazilian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The plans for the Advocacy pillar include the Creation of the Procurement Guide to Public Leaders; strengthen relations with the Federal Government and Development of Advocacy Plan to facilitate public procurement (see Annex II for further information).

Ecosystem Development
As part of their ecosystem development and advocacy efforts, BrazilLAB organised in August 2018, along with ITS Rio (Institute of Technology and Society), and TV Host Luciano Huck, the ‘GovTech Brazil’. It was the first international conference dedicated to how Brazil must position itself in the GovTech revolution and what steps must be taken. BrazilLAB will organize the event´s second edition in 2020, focusing on Smart Cities (see Annex III for further information).

GovTech Seal
In other to scale its activities, increase the impact on the B2G market, and promote startups that are ready to sell for governments, BrazilLAB has recently launched its ‘GovTech Seal’. It is a platform that certifies startups as skilled and able to work and sell to different governmental agencies, allowing public managers to easily identify solutions. The ‘GovTech Certification’ platform is a great showcase for startups and for all public managers in the country, who can easily identify potential entrepreneurs to help solve their challenges (see Annex IV for further information).

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  • Identifying or Discovering Problems or Opportunities - learning where and how an innovative response is needed
  • Generating Ideas or Designing Solutions - finding and filtering ideas to respond to the problem or opportunity
  • Developing Proposals - turning ideas into business cases that can be assessed and acted on
  • Implementation - making the innovation happen
  • Evaluation - understanding whether the innovative initiative has delivered what was needed
  • Diffusing Lessons - using what was learnt to inform other projects and understanding how the innovation can be applied in other ways

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