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Forest fires affect many parts of Southeast Asia, resulting in extensive environmental destruction, health problems, school closures and transport cancellations. Haze Gazer is a web‐based decision support system for disaster management authorities which harnesses multiple sources of data to provide insights on haze disaster dynamics.

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Haze Gazer provides real-time insights on the: locations of fire and haze hot-spots, the strength of haze in population centres, the locations of vulnerable cohorts of the population, and the response strategies of affected populations, including movement patterns and institutional behavioural changes.

Haze Gazer is unique in that it uses multiple sources of data, generated by citizens online, concerning the situation on the ground, and harmonises the insights from these datasets with other sources of information, for example from satellites, to offer information on disaster event dynamics. Specifically, it uses advanced data analytics and data science to mine open data, such as fire hotspot information from satellites and baseline information on population density and distribution, as well as citizengenerated data, including the national complaint system in Indonesia called LAPOR!, citizen journalism video uploads to an online news channel, local radio feeds, and real-time big data such as text, image and video-oriented social media.

Replicability: First, because haze affects many countries in SEA, the platform has strong potential to scale as a regional tool to inform hazard-elated humanitarian efforts and to improve resilience. Second, it can scale in terms of insights, based on the integration of richer data sources.Third, if disaster management authorities agree to publish their operational practices, the platform will capture insights on both operational potential and real-world haze crisis dynamics. Finally the underlying mechanism of Haze Gazer can be applied to other types of disasters or sustainable development themes.

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Year: 2016
Level of government: National/Federal government


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