Rescuebusters is an interactive 3D-animated game that specializes in youth safety education. It is an unique teaching tool that brings practical examples alongside theoretical learning with animated, real-life based tasks. Rescuebusters offers an immersive world with distinctive, sympathetic characters, unique game mechanisms and development tracking which take teaching to a whole new level.

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Schools are changing their teaching plans and materials. The use of technology and gamification is rapidly increasing as part of learning, but they are still not used enough. Unfortunately, some of the subjects are getting overshadowed by others: most importantly safety education which does not get covered anywhere near enough. Rescuebusters has been developed for these purposes – it also makes learning more fun and teaching much more instructive than ever before.

In version 1.0 of Rescuebusters there is first - aid house and fire safety house but the plan is to add all safety topics in the game. We have Finnish safety professionals with us (The Finnish Association of Fire Officers, Finnish Resuscitation Council and Finnish Emergency Response Center) who secures that all things that we teach are right. The game is freemium and you can download it from Google Play and Appstore. We are also making a unique web tool where teachers can add their students in it and found all safety materials as an ebook. This web tool can be used also in companies as a working safety tool. Biggest school equipment seller in Nordic countries, Lekolar, is going to sell Rescuebusters web tool in schools. We are planning also to make a safety app for shopping centers. And best of all is that behind of Rescuebusters is Finnish Fireman Jussi Rautio so the idea comes from real reasons and it is very ethical.

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Year: 2017
Level of government: Regional/State government


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