Innovative Covid-19 Responses

Governments are working hard to rally resources and unify experts from across sectors and government to find innovative solutions in this time of crisis. In this context, the sharing of ideas and best practices is critical: pandemics do not stay within boundaries, borders and silos, and neither should the global response.

To support global idea sharing, we issued a call for innovative responses to covid-19. The Centre for Public Impact and GovInsider have joined as partners in this call. Others organisations are invited to partner in the dissemination of this call to support governments and gather relevant data through these difficult times.

Map of the world with colouring to indicate the number of innovative responses by country

Explore the innovative response tracker, which allows you to search and filter through innovative solutions from around the world.

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Have you been working on an innovative government solution in response to covid-19? Submit your innovative response so that others can learn from your work.

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The Centre for Public Impact has joined the OPSI as a partner in disseminating this call to help gather more evidence of current government practices. Visit their web platform to read their ongoing reflections on the innovative responses.

GovInsider has joined in disseminating this call, visit their website to learn more about their work in the Asia region.



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