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IP Australia have released a free package of global interactive patent data visulations on technologies important in the response to COVID-19. These six interactive visualisations on ventilators, masks, surgical gowns and goggles, vaccines, repurposed drugs and medical diagnostics allow users to ‘drill down’ into the data and quickly identify patent applicants in specific technologies and different countries across the world. Choose your technology, click on your country and get a list of…
Victoria Together is an online hub to support Victorians through the coronavirus response. As a dedicated platform, Victoria Together is connecting Victorians to our state’s best digital experiences and activities. Just as importantly, we’re connecting Victorians to one another. Victoria Together includes content from: Museums Victoria Zoos Victoria Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) Victoria's art galleries musicians, comedians and performers health and wellbeing…
Australia have created a voluntary contact tracing app called COVIDsafe. The COVIDSafe smartphone app uses a Bluetooth wireless signal to exchange a "digital handshake" with another user when they come within 1.5m. The app then logs this contact and encrypts it. Users will be notified if they have had more than 15 minutes of close contact with another user who tests positive. Amid privacy concerns about who will have access to the app's stored data, the government said only state health…
Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has created a number of new regulations to accelerate the production and supply of COVID-19 test kits, through an expedited assessment procedure. In some cases, for example point of care tests, due to limited information at the time of application, regulatory approval is granted, with strict conditions that follow-up data and studies including stability shelf-life is provided to the TGA. In addition, a number of exemptions for complying with…
The Australian Government is preparing a suite of citizen-facing digital information products and services, amongst other measures being taken to address the health and economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. To date, these include: a national website ( with regular information updates, a mobile application, a voluntary self-isolation reporting service, and a WhatsApp advice channel. As a federal state, Australia is coordinating a national response to the pandemic across…
The Australian Federal Government has launched new digital platforms to ensure that Australians are aware of, and are following, social distancing rules in the time of Coronavirus. This has taken the form of a new app and a WhatsApp chat feature. The app will provide information and resources, and is hoped to act as a "trusted place of advice and information that you and your family and your business can use to understad the decisions and the information...about what is occuring with the…
Australia's postal service, Australia Post, is working with the PHarmacy Guild of Australia to deliver medicines via a contactless pharmacy home delivery service, following prioritisation of the government towards home medicine services. Customers will be able to recieve up to 500g of medication and other essentials using the Australia Post Express post network, with the cost claimable througha government reimbursement.
DetedED has developed a free virtual clinical environment to help clinicians become better at recognising the early CT scan signs of COVID-19. It is available to every clinician, world-wide, free of charge. DetectED-X - CovED is powerful educational solution which contains modules that will take between 1-2 hours to complete. Our systems gain certification and CME points from the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education in the US and elsewhere and have been validated for assessing…