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Application Deadline Extended: OPSI is seeking a Communications and Strategic Engagement Officer (due 9 Aug)

***Deadline extended to 9 August 2021. To apply, please submit your application on the OECD careers portal here.

We are building out our team at the OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI). We are looking for a Communications and Strategic Engagement Officer to lead our efforts in designing and executing our overall communications strategy, as well as our efforts in building and strengthening OPSI’s innovation community and connecting with other relevant networks and communities.

OPSI works with governments on understanding and transforming their work and their policies through innovation. Our mission is to help governments be more proactive and intentional in their approach to innovation and we work with leading governments around the world who are defining what this looks like in practice.   

The team uses a mixture of approaches and methodologies based on innovation theory, systems thinking, behavioural science, human-centered design, and action research. We use both qualitative and quantitative analysis methods. We care about implementation, not just ideas. We value rigor, creativity, diversity, new perspectives, experimentation, and collaboration, but first and foremost, a supportive team environment that encourages curiosity and ambition around our mission.  Are these topics interesting to you? Would you like to lead our efforts in amplifying our work to new and bigger audiences, and finding ways to build communities and networks are issues like this? Then we want you on the team!

To apply, please see the position description on the OECD careers portal.

All applications are due by 23h59 on 9 August 2021.