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This website was created by the OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI), part of the OECD Public Governance Directorate (GOV).

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Welcome to the Observatory Blog

We invite the innovation community in the broadest sense to join us – from government officials at all levels to researchers, commentators, designers, analysts… We hope that this blog will be both informative and interactive. We welcome your views, questions, comments and latest news on innovation.

Why a blog on public sector innovation?

First, because innovation is about people. We want to create a place where people who are making innovation happen can meet, share their knowledge, expertise, lessons learned and expand their mental maps by being encouraged to think creatively.

Second, because public sector innovation is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. And the time to write a travellers’ guide together has come. Innovation in the public sector is no longer terra incognita, but its discovery will certainly benefit from curious adventurers.

Public sector organisations are increasingly challenging traditional schemes and assumptions, experimenting with new methods to design and deliver public services such as prototypingnudge, and crowdsourcing, introducing new organisational settings such as innovation labs, and reconfiguring their capacities and skills to generate, diffuse and replicate what works.

We hope that this blog will be used to talk about the trajectory that innovation is taking, bringing in new analysis and perspectives – beyond the public sector – of how innovative tools work and how effective institutions are using them.

Your interest, commitment, and creativity, could turn this blog into an innovation in itself!

One of the next destinations for us in the OECD will be our conference Innovating the Public Sector: from Ideas to Impact, on 12-13 November at the OECD in Paris. You can be assured that the issues and ideas raised in this blog will feed into the discussions at the event. And perhaps some of you will be able to be with us in person.