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Covid-pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on health systems across countries. Both public and private healthcare sectors had struggled and are still struggling to respond to the impact of the pandemic. The struggle is to adopt diverse healthcare responses in terms of cutting-edge technological tools and innovations in the areas of public health, medicine and wellness to take prompt decisions to address the after-effect of the pandemic. In such scenario, digital health has emerged as a…
The state of New Jersey introduced a new program offering a free beer to those who get a Covid-19 vaccine during May 2021. The New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announced on Twitter that the state was teaming up with over a dozen breweries for the “Shot and a Beer” project. “We’re launching our ‘Shot and a Beer’ program to encourage eligible New Jerseyans ages 21+ to get vaccinated,” Murphy said. “Any New Jerseyan who gets their first vaccine dose in the month of May and takes their…
New Yorkers who haven't gotten their vaccines are being offered free tickets to about a dozen NYC institutions and attractions if they go get their shot. People who got their vaccines would get free tickets and deals to the New York Aquarium, the New York Botanical Garden, The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the Bronx Zoo, membership to the Public Theater, tickets to Lincoln Center, the Brooklyn Cyclones, the New York City Football Club and the NYC Ferry.
The Global Initiative for Budget Transparency GIFT network with support from the OGP Multi-Donor Trust Fund has created a practical guide to help governments identify the data sets and data fields that should be collected for internal processes and disclosed to ensure transparency is embedded in their COVID-19 policy response and relief packages. Learn more about our guide:
TraffikFlo is a simple to install, easy to use, low cost traffic light to help locations manage capacity limits. We have a retail, restaurant and Caution version that is being used in locations across North America. The sign can be set up anywhere, powered by a power cable or battery pack and is paired using an app or web browser to control the lights. It has been a huge success however we are struggling to reach our target audience. When consumers find out about TraffikFlo we have had some…