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TraffikFlo is a simple to install, easy to use, low cost traffic light to help locations manage capacity limits. We have a retail, restaurant and Caution version that is being used in locations across North America. The sign can be set up anywhere, powered by a power cable or battery pack and is paired using an app or web browser to control the lights.

It has been a huge success however we are struggling to reach our target audience.

When consumers find out about TraffikFlo w...

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Having initially turned to teleworking as a response to the outbreak of COVID-19, Transport Canada, the agency that employs over 3,5000 people, is set to become the first Canadian government body to adopt a default policy to work from home for the immediate future.

Teleworking and virtual working opesn up new opportunities for how they organise work and how people can work remotely.

Transport Canada want to use this opportunity to leverage the digital advancements that have b...

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GC Talent Reserve is a dedicated, single-window coordinated talent management tool for triaging digital and tech talent needs across the Government of Canada. It enables the flow of talent from areas of lower priority to areas of critical need, supported by data tracking and central coordination, offering departments a fast, efficient vehicle for sourcing qualified, available talent for a wide variety of needs and giving public servants a way to volunteer their skills where help is needed ...

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With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, many people are looking at a lot of free time stuck indoors. Avoid cabin fever and use that time to make a difference in your community and the fight against COVID-19 by joining CODEVID-19, a worldwide collaborative pandemic hackathon.
Our objective is to improve the quality of life of people during the pandemic! We believe faster, more effective and more available solutions/ideas/projects are preferred to slower, less useful and limited ones...

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