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This report discusses how steering innovation investment in public sector organisations through a portfolio approach can help governments respond to the multi-faceted challenges they face. Portfolio management is a well-known device in the financial sector, allowing for dynamic decision-making processes involving regular reviews of activity and ensuring a coherent distribution of resources among strategic options. The report illustrates how this approach can be applied by public sector…

Collective Intelligence Design Playbook

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The Collective Intelligence Design Playbook, created by Nesta, offers a wide range of tools, tactics and methods to engage collective intelligence to solve societal challenges. Through practical instructions and case studies, the Playbook presents ways to orchestrate diverse groups of people, data and technology. It is designed to be applied by teams or groups and features an introduction to help users understand the scope and potential of collective intelligence, practical guidance to sustain…

Ecosystem Mapping

The Danish Design Center created the Ecosystem Mapping tool to help users get an overview of their project stakeholders and potential participants and analyse the motivations, resources and capabilities, that will become valuable for the overall ecosystem. Through its application, users can map all actors (partners, collaborators, contractors, external stakeholders, etc.) in a given ecosystem in order to accomplish its mission. The tool provides users with "Question Cards" to confirm identified…

APS Framework for engagement and participation

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The Australian Public Service (APS) Framework for Engagement and Participation provides guidance, principles, and links to interactive tools that support public servants and managers to adopt and improve the participation and engagement of stakeholders and citizens as ways to earn trust and overcome complexity in dealing with society's challenges in the 21st century. Public servants and managers are invited to subscribe to the principles that underpin this vision and actively use this toolkit…

Anticipatory Innovation Starter Kit

The Anticipatory Innovation Starter Kit (AISK) offers a step-by-step approach to access a set of methodologies and tools to solve organisational challenges in the area of anticipatory innovation governance. Developed by the Experimentation Lab for Public Administration (LabX), part of the Administrative Modernisation Agency (AMA) in Portugal, the starter kit intends to be an actionable tool to envisage and anticipate changes in public sector organisations. Users start in a "Pool of Problems"…

Innovation Playbook

The Innovation Playbook offers an accessible and actionable instrument to translate the Declaration on Public Sector Innovation into practical guidance on how its principles can be applied to solve public sector challenges.
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OECD Declaration on Public Sector Innovation

About the Innovation Declaration The Declaration offers principles to inform and enhance the systemic use of innovation in the public sector to achieve policy goals. Declare to innovate At OPSI, we call on all public sector innovation actors to Declare to Innovate. The OECD Declaration on Public Sector Innovation is a legal instrument based on five principles and associated actions that governments or public organisations can use to inform and enhance innovation and its management....
Apple, Microsoft and Amazon. Three of the world’s tech giants, which have a larger market cap than many developed and developing nations GDP. And while opinion varies widely on the topics such powerful companies naturally bring about, one aspect is absolutely clear: these companies have learned to nurture and embrace innovation and innovative thinking. To whole-heartedly build it into its very foundations and culture. Yes, stability and education are important – I’m not taking…
“We create and re-create narratives throughout our lives to make sense of what happened, to process experience, to interpret and reinterpret our view of the world as life unfolds. I believe that beautiful and difficult process is what it is to be human.” Lauren Oakes For me, significant transitions in life prompt such introspection and recreation of narratives – to reflect on key moments that have shaped who I am and how I think. Recently,...
Asking people to do things or think differently is not always welcome. In the public sector, new things are often (or can seem to be) in competition with existing work or priorities. This is one reason why we at OPSI strongly support public sector innovation networks (and communities or practice / forums / etc.). They can be valuable means to connect with like-minded others who you can learn from, share with and sometimes just vent to...