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Anti-Corruption Digital Market

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The Anti-Corruption Digital Marketplace (MDA) is the first space developed by a public institution in the history of Mexico, in which public institutions can share free and ready-to-use digital tools, in order to streamline and promote innovation and cooperation among those that need either software, or other digital resources to achieve common goals in addressing corruption. The MDA contains more than 22 tools, some of them have been developed by other national or local level public institutions.

Innovation Summary

Innovation Overview

The National Digital Platform is an intelligence tool aiming at eliminating information silos and making data comparable and accessible for public institutions to address corruption. The Platform is an integrated computer system that contains sensible data and information of national interest. This data comes from the three branches of the Mexican Government (executive, legislative and judiciary), as well as from the three levels of government, including those with autonomy powers such as the Constitutional Bodies.


The complexity of the Platform lies in its heterogeneity of data, technology and the administrative capacities, more notorious between the national and municipal levels. The idea behind the MDA arises, thus, from the need of public institutions to set forth in the General Law of the National Anti-Corruption System (LGSNA), and to comply with the mandate to incorporate data to the PDN.

Innovation Description

What Makes Your Project Innovative?

The MDA is the first public-owned environment created by a government institution to share technological tools that facilitate the connection and the transferring of knowledge. Because of its centralized nature it generate savings to the treasury by avoiding duplicities and repetitions in the development of applications. In short, it promotes a new way of doing government by integrating data and information silos, and eliminating technical and budgetary barriers to access to them that ease the fight against corruption.

Innovation Development

Collaborations & Partnerships

The MDA has great allies, among of them are the Global Digital Marketplace Program (GDMP) from the British Government to facilitate the interoperability between the MDA and PDN; the Inter-American Development Bank that built a system for capturing the asset declarations of public servants. Other key allies are the Executive Secretaries of the Mexican States.

Users, Stakeholders & Beneficiaries

The MDA seek to break the gaps generated by the technical and technological heterogeneity among States and municipalities. The available tools facilitated the interconnection processes with the PDN, encouraging public institutions to publish more information in open data formats to achieve traceability, improve the surveillance and monitoring capacity, and output better decision-making.

Innovation Reflections

Results, Outcomes & Impacts

The tools available in the MDA generate savings of nearly 1 to 2 million pesos for public institutions in 5 institutions, cutting the time required to obtain information for publication in the PDN, in addition to the standardization and use of the capture systems by municipal and state comptrollers,.

Challenges and Failures

The upgrading and enhancement requests are time consuming and technically demanding for the small team developing the Marketplace. Another challenge was to fund the development and integration of the tools, as well as to pilot them. Finally, to condense all the experiences and findings in manuals that are user-friendly and technically sound.

Conditions for Success

The adaptability of the tools as part of the MDA is one of its strengths. As they are of high demand, we had to develop a training and dissemination system to operate around the clock.


MDA represents a new way of articulating in government, based on knowledge sharing and tool availability that are open source. In that sense, the technology and digital applications can be replicated countless times and make the tailoring process more user-friendly. The growth potential of MDA is on the number of products available to use, so the more institutions that develop, standardize and share their applications to fight corruption, the better.

Lessons Learned

-Continuous improvement and the search for closing gaps are key to achieve the objective of an open government

-The search for innovative solutions to fight corruption in a collaborative way foster innovation within MDA

-It is relevant that MDA is as diverse as possible, so that different institutions and teams are visible by using their solutions.

Year: 2020
Level of Government: National/Federal government


  • Implementation - making the innovation happen

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Date Published:

16 November 2022

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