Badges – Rewarding Data and Innovation Work

The Louisville Metro Badge Program rewards employees for tasks like creating an open dataset, crowdsourcing information from citizens or collaborating with other departments on projects. There’s a tiered reward system for civil servants who participate, with prizes ranging from LinkedIn recommendations to recognition at a city-wide awards ceremony.


Innovation Summary

Innovation Overview

The idea is to ingrain innovation in all government departments, rather than concentrating efforts in the typical fields for government innovation, data and digital.

Employees can join the Louisville Metro Badge group to browse available badges and track their progress. Once they finish a task, they submit evidence – a dataset, testimonial, screenshot or photo of them at an event – then can add the badge to their digital profile.

To complete a track, employees must collect 10 out of the 15 possible badges. They range from simple tasks – like reading an innovation-themed book – to more complex endeavors, like integrating voice activation into a project.

The Metro Badge Program is part of a larger effort to advocate for more innovation across all levels of government.

Innovation Description

Innovation Development

Innovation Reflections

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  • Implementation - making the innovation happen
  • Diffusing Lessons - using what was learnt to inform other projects and understanding how the innovation can be applied in other ways

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