Citizens’ Packet of Silesian Voivode

We have launched the Citizens’ Packet to make Silesian Voivodeship Office (SVO) a  more friendly and serviceable place for users. The core of the packet consists of practical facilitations for our clients who seek information or help. Our client-oriented solutions comprise diverse solutions on every level of our customer care and spread to every organisational unit in the SVO.
The Citizens’ Packet is available online via our brand-new official website.

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Our clients had serious difficulties to access services of SVO. We provide general scope of governmental services on regional level so it is easy to get lost. In many cases, citizens were required to be physically present in SVO to push forward their case.

The Citizens Packet has been created to remedy all these difficulties. We did much to facilitate citizens' contact with the office. Some cases you can arrange electronically, because there is a chat channel where you can obtain all valid information online – and you are chatting with real civil servants, not with bots. Plenty of information, with forms-to-fill-in and advance contact channels (social media including) are easily accessible via our brand new website: The website has versions for people with various visual or hearing disabilities.

Nevertheless, if you decide to or it is indispensable to visit our office, you will not be disoriented. We have invested in plenty of information boards, direction arrows and general information leaflets. If they provide you with not entirely satisfactory information, you can always refer to the information desk occupied by helpful staff. As many people work from Monday to Friday and cannot get their new passports in these days, we created “passport Saturdays” – you can visit our office on Saturday and ask for your passport. In addition, new passport service points have been opened to make it easier to apply for this document.
The office headquarters is a historical building and as such is not ideal for people with disabilities. So we provided a customer’s assistant whose job is to help people with disabilities in every respect and to see a client has access to all rooms in the building. All official notes and forms can be obtained in the Braille system. People with disabilities and pregnant women have a priority in all the services offered by SVO.

Until now SVO was not a digital public administration in Poland. To change that, we introduced payment of administrative charges by debit or credit card. While waiting to be attended to, our customers can use a free Wi-Fi hotspot. It is not only possible to make a passport photo on the spot but one is allowed to get some electronic copies of the photo for free. If a person collapses in SVO, he or she may count on a special emergency unit sponsored by SVO which will come to rescue in no time.

If our client comes to SVO with children there is nothing to worry about. The children will surely be delighted with the opportunity to have fun in the children’s room full of toys and books and drawing accessories. They may choose to watch fairy tales and children’s music on TV. Meanwhile the adults have the opportunity to watch live informational channel on an alternative TV set in the main customer service room. If your child is still a baby you can take advantage of a special baby change spot.

Everyone knows how annoying is to pay a visit to an office with no effect because your document is not ready yet or you are required to perform additional duties. To cut such absurdities, we introduced a special SMS notification to inform our client that his or her case is concluded and s/he can arrive to SVO and be sure to obtain the documentation s/he has applied for.
The customers have access to more specialised services. A free-of-charge legal advice for people in difficult life situations is provided, as well as general information on social security and pension system is easy to access on weekly basis.

The above mentioned amendments are from different scopes of SVO activity and are directed to various people groups. But all of them are client-oriented and aim to facilitate our customers, contact with the office and provide that they are satisfied with the quality service they have received. The whole project was the launch by the Silesian Voivode in 2016. We are perfectly aware we have not make a break-through in public service and our improvements have similar ones in other public administration offices. But we do believe the overall impact of those so many small improvements creates a significant change for our client and they really appreciate it. As the proverb goes: even the longest journey starts with the very first step.

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