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Comoodle -a collaborative platform

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Comoodle was developed to create a genuine sharing economy in Kirklees, fundamentally shifting the relationship between the Council and the community in the process.
Comoodle is a web based platform, an elegant solution to enable collaboration, that is now helping local communities to access and share under-used resources.
There is no other platform that exists across in the world that has public sector bodies actively sharing “stuff skill and spaces” in such a proactive and accessible way

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The problem we were trying to solve:
“Sharing has always gone on in Kirklees- but the problem was people not knowing what others had. Comoodle makes sharing easier- it is the oil that makes sharing work”
Cllr David Sheard, Leader of Kirklees Council 2015- July 2018

In 2014 we were winners in the Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayor’s Challenge, a competition to identify innovative solutions to issues facing local and city governments. Our idea was Comoodle – an online digital platform which allows communities and individuals to discover and share useful resources in their area. By making Council assets available through Comoodle we aimed to kick-start a true sharing economy. Four years down the line we’re redefining the relationship between the Council and the Third Sector

The February 2017 launch of the live Comoodle online platform was the culmination of two years’ continuous development and research. Our iterative approach to the project has allowed us to pivot to meet the objectives, measurement and function of the Comoodle concept, staying true to our original aim of creating a true sharing economy in Kirklees.

Innovation is at the heart of our design approach:
Throughout the programme we have used the learning from the best in terms of innovation and iterative project development. Key examples of this approach include:

• Early workshops to understand attitudes to learning
• Analysis of other sharing platforms
• Pilots and prototypes to test the practicalities of sharing Council assets
• Researching and testing a series of social and monetary value models
• Refinement of original metrics to provide more purposeful measurement
• Research into issues of trust to develop platform feedback mechanisms and improve design
• Multi-stage platform development informed by the breadth of our learning; from an early ‘sandbox’ tool, through to an interactive blog site and then a live platform created in a series of design sprints
• Further refinement and optimization sprints, informed by our practical experience and feedback from potential replicators

Results that impact on our communities:
As of now the platform is already delivering we have a clear commitment to metrics and measure all activity on the platform, as s at the end of August 2018 Comoodle:
 Has 850 active users registered on the platform;
 Has processed over 1000 requests and has made available over 2000 assets;
 Has facilitated over 1200 exchanges of resources;
 Has benefited over 60,000 residents and
 Has saved community groups an estimated £45,000 by enabling them to borrow rather than buy or hire resources

The platform enables users to rate their experience based on their interaction with each other and the suitability of the resources. We have also conducted targeted surveys which ask users questions based on their level of involvement with the project. As at the end of June 2018:

 89% of users were satisfied with their Comoodle experience;
 89% of users would recommend Comoodle to friend;
 86% of users felt Comoodle was helping communities to do more for themselves
 84% of users felt Comoodle was helping communities to collaborate more

Replication and the future:
The Council has just completed a priority review, this was undertaken by Isos the independent consultancy that Bloomberg Philanthropies have commissioned to oversee our programme performance from the start. The continued support and challenge from this team has be key to our success. Having considered the review findings, and recommendations, the Council has agreed that we are going to mainstream the programme within the Council and give it resources and support to point it at the areas where it can make the biggest social impact. We are now also replicating the platform outside of our city boundaries with new emerging networks in Camden, London and in the City of York in Yorkshire. We are working with partners in Amsterdam to use the platform to address issues of poverty in Europe.

“Kirklees Council is changing – our aim is to support individuals and communities to do more for themselves and each other. As a platform that enables the public, private and third sector to collaborate, connect and share resources, Comoodle is key to this strategy. We believe a strong sharing economy will help build and sustain thriving communities.”
Jacqui Gedman, Chief Executive, Kirklees Council

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Year: 2016
Level of government: Local government


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