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In the event of a life or health emergency, the most important thing is to quickly call professional services: the police, fire brigade or emergency medical services. However, people with impaired hearing or who are deaf cannot make phone calls in the event of an emergency. The mobile application Deaf Help aids a deaf person to independently inform the services that he or she needs help.
AUSTRAC  is the first known government law enforcement or intelligence agency to run a global Codeathon forum. AUSTRAC leveraged innovation, collaboration and exploited technology to improve its business operations, develop efficient new solutions in consultation with government partners, industry, academia and the private sector.
M♡THer is a novel interactive system designed to support women throughout diagnosis of gestational diabetes to the birth of their baby. It also improves multidisciplinary care co-ordination by providing shared access to the women’s clinical information. Clinicians saw an opportunity to improve service delivery to patients, and improve care provision, particularly as referrals to GDM services dramatically increase. No other technology like this could be found, at the time of development.
The neighborhood of Seodaemun-gu in Seoul has implemented various Smart City/IoT activities: 1. The establishment of the control system of public trash bins 2. Operating the village bus information service for the safe return of residents 3. Establishment and operation of “Police security report app” for the safety of public restroom 4. Build a smart walking trail in Seodaemun An-san(An-mountain)
Many years of Australian debate and public division around same sex marriage culminated in a single, nation-wide postal survey. The Australian Bureau of Statistics was given only 99 days to prepare, conduct and release the results of a survey of Australia’s 16 million enrolled voters. An amazing 80% of citizens participated in this voluntary survey, enabled by innovative project management and customer-centric service delivery. The project was delivered for 2/3 of its budget, a $40m saving.
Paseo Bandera is a street in the heart of Santiago that for 5 years was closed for work on the construction of the Santiago new subway line. Because of the closure, it was used for parking and passage of cars all day, being one of the worst streets in terms of quality in the center of the capital. In 2017, it was authorized for 10 months to be pedestrian. With artistic and technological innovation was possible to improve the quality of public space, accessibility, environment and mobility.
Comoodle was developed to create a genuine sharing economy in Kirklees, fundamentally shifting the relationship between the Council and the community in the process. Comoodle is a web based platform, an elegant solution to enable collaboration, that is now helping local communities to access and share under-used resources. There is no other platform that exists across in the world that has public sector bodies actively sharing “stuff skill and spaces” in such a proactive and accessible way
For the first time in India, over 100 million citizens have been conferred a legal right to grievance redress. The Bihar Right to Public Grievance Redressal Act also provides a no-wrong door policy (every complaint compulsorily received in any centre in Bihar or digitally and acknowledged) and power parity between citizens and public authority (specially mandated independent, quasi-judicial officers provide a one-stop solution after weighing evidence from both sides).