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Innovation Meta-toolkit

What is the OPSI Meta-toolkit?

Toolkits are a great way to share innovative methods and practices. A plethora of free innovation toolkits, playbooks and guides exist to help people identify, develop and practice necessary skills and apply new ways of reaching an outcome. But how does one know where to start or which one is suitable for each context or purpose? The OPSI team can help provide this advice to governments – but because our team is small, we developed a “meta-toolkit” (a toolkit of toolkits) to provide basic support for getting started. Depending on your needs, our meta-toolkit helps you navigate through a vast collection of innovation toolkits to find the ones best suited to you and your situation.

How does it work?

The meta-toolkit provides a navigation pathway to the hundreds of freely available innovation toolkits created by authors in the public, private, academic and not-for-profit sectors. Based on your needs—whether you want to learn something, create something, or connect with others—the resource will guide you to toolkits, people, and information to get you started. The meta-toolkit contains information about common methodologies used for public sector innovation, links to relevant government case studies involving those methodologies in practice, access to a network of public sector innovators, and a Living Library of toolkits, a curated and organised collection representing different areas of innovation practice. The Living Library contains toolkits that were suggested by the innovation community (if you have one to add, please share it), community reviews, and, where the publisher agrees, also contains editable source files for you to download and adapt to your own context.

Who made the meta-toolkit?

The meta-toolkit is a European Commission H2020 project developed by the OPSI team. The meta-toolkit is in beta form and was developed through an iterative process involving user research and usability testing with public sector staff. Initial research occurred during 2016-2017 and the beta resource now online.

How can I get involved?

If you have used some of these toolkits, let others know by clicking on “I have used this” when viewing an individual toolkit in the Living Library. This helps others know which toolkits are most helpful. Browse the toolkits here [link to come shortly!].

If you have time an expertise in a particular practise, consider writing a review for a toolkit in the Living Library. Your reviews help others know the benefits and limitations of toolkits. We prefer reviews be about toolkits you have used. Write a review here [link to come shortly!] (login required to submit review).

If you have you reused or adapted an existing toolkit or know of a toolkit we forgot about, add it to the Living Library. It is what makes the Living Library “living.” Propose your addition here.

If you know governments in need of innovation or public sector staff looking for new ways of approaching their work, please share this resource with them here. [link to come shortly!]

Seeking partnerships

OPSI is currently seeking partnerships for the long-term product development of the meta-toolkit as well as content curation partners who can help us ensure that we are evolving along with innovation practices. If you have resources or expertise to contribute, please contact us at [email protected]


[Meta-Toolkit beta link – will be live soon!]

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