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Índice de Innovación Pública de Bogotá IIPBogotá

La Veeduria Distrital de Bogotá, por medio de su Laboratorio de Innovación Pública Distrital LABcapital, ha diseñado e implementado el primer Índice de Innovación Pública (IIP) para ciudades. El IIP fue diseñado en 2017 e implementado en noviembre de 2018 con 39 entidades públicas de Bogotá. Los resultados de la medición fueron socializados en julio de 2019. Esa herramienta esta dividida en 4 componentes esenciales: 1. Capacidad Institucional 2. Procesos y…

The Brains, Behavior & Design Toolkit

The toolkit is designed to be both informative and actionable - helping integrate the latest research in human behavior and decision making into practice. The toolkit features five tools to help designers apply findings from the field of behavioral economics to their practice in order to provide a head start on framing research as well as developing new strategies for solving user problems. The toolkit includes: Reference Cards: behavioral economics research findings organized and…

MaRS Library

The MaRS Library contains articles, templates, reports, workbooks, reference guides and videos covering a range of topics, including accounting, funding, governance, intellectual property, leadership, legal issues, marketing, product management, selling, social innovation, strategy and talent. It is intended for an entrepreneurial context, but it can be adapted for a public sector organisational context.
Evidence and Resource Library on Public Sector Reform which documents country experiences, good practices and challenges, shares a wide range of information on modalities /methodologies on peer learning, publicises original, empirical research when and where knowledge gaps are identified, and documents and disseminates stories of change. Hundreds of entries are tagged by problem type, theme, and keyword.

Government Innovators Network

The Government Innovators Network is a collection of ideas and examples of government innovation for policymakers, policy advisors, and practitioners. It contains news, articles, reports, descriptions of award-winning innovative programs, and events as well as online communities of practice. The publisher's goal is to stimulate new ideas and bring people and ideas together around innovations in government for the purpose of stimulating discourse on the principles and practices of innovation and…
This EU Quality of Public Administration Toolbox aims to support, guide, encourage and inspire those who want to build public administrations that will create prosperous, fair and resilient societies. The Toolbox tries to help countries with addressing country-specific policy recommendations and with delivering successful strategies and operational programmes.

Innovation Spaces: The New Design of Work

Authors Julie Wagner and Dan Watch draw from nearly 50 in-depth interviews with global-reaching and local-serving architects and innovation space managers to analyze the continuum of modern innovation-oriented workspaces. They find the role of well-designed innovation spaces in improving firm competitiveness, company culture, and the formulation of new products and ideas, offers important lessons for companies, universities and other drivers of the innovation economy on how to re-imagine space…

Open Governance Research Exchange

Champion CHAMPION:
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A platform for researchers to share findings and methodologies and a repository of theoretical and applied research on open and innovative governance techniques and tools. It includes: A platform for researchers to share findings and methodologies; A repository of theoretical and applied research on open and innovative governance techniques and tools; A diversity of publication types – from research reports and journal articles to books and dissertations; A taxonomy for browsing research by…